I switched to Barefoot running- I am running fast now..!!

Blog entry posted by kapil, Jul 26, 2020.

I switched to barefoot running two months back, and something magical happened.

I started running fast, very fast. I thought my marathon PB of 3.41 was my peak, 5 years back but now I am thinking differently. During stride workouts, I recorded my fastest mile of 5.43mins a few days back. At age 45, this is my best ever performance. ( didn't realise this but my Garmin notified me after the workout)

Then I looked at my cadence and realised it had reached 209, form avg 175-185 even during strides. Now, this was a revelation and I think this happened because of one major reason and that is a midfoot strike.

Vo2 max has improved at 52 from 49 last month.

I am going fast and I am loving it.


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