Hello, my name is saypay

Blog entry posted by saypay45, Jun 8, 2010.

I've been floating around this forum and the "other forum" for a couple months now. I'm probably known mostly as the weird dude with the cat picture. I've never blogged before, but I figured this would be a good forum to show you the guy behind the cat. I also thought I would post some pictures, because I see others have done that and I don't want my first post to be shabby.

So for those who care, here's saypay's first blog, in picture form...


It was hard to find a picture of me not making a face or boozing. So I just picked the worst of both. So....this is me. My nickname is saypay, but my real name is Christian. There's nothing really special behind the nickname. It's theSpanishwords for the letter "c" and "p". Kind of a letdown explanation really...


This is where I work. It's also a picture of my 2-year old daughter Clara. She does all my dictation. I'm a county prosecutor for a little county about 20 minutes southwest of Minneapolis. I heart my job (I also heart using the word heart instead of love). The only real talent I've ever had is putting people in prison.


This is me with my wife Amy. That's my bottle of wine to my left. I'm not sure why that chick is wearing a turtleneck in the summer. Anyway, we've been married for 4 years, and together for 8. She works for a testing lab where she works out ways to break consumer products so that they don't break when you use them. She's been dropping toilets off buildings for the past month.

She thinks barefoot running is gross and dangerous. I told her to get over it...


I have a thing for costumes. This is me channelling Steve Prefontaine for a costume race in 2008. The mustache fell off about a minute into the race. I've been running since I was 11 years old, and barefooting since last year.

Don't let the likeness to Pre fool you. I'm ridiculously slow.

I'm writing this at work, and it's time to go now. So more to follow. Thanks for reading!