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March 5, 2013

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It is paradoxical, but after so many 24 hour races, 100 kilometers, ultra marathons, etc. I can say I've done the second half marathon in my life, and yes, it has been the Half Marathon Pola de Siero.
Not the first time I look at it, a few have been the times I've been meaning to join, but I've always missed so far.
There have been years where I've heard countless times that it was a very hard race and very nice, I horned my ignoring the people, this year I have removed the thorn, and now if I can say and attest that is amazingly hard.
The race began on Sunday, March 3 at the center of Pola de Siero with over 420 runners registered, promptly at 11 am to give the go-ahead, which would take us to Sariego to return back to Pola.
The first part of the race is very tough with many hills that make it easy not giving maintained a good pace, with completely broken rhythms, in just 2 kilometers start to break the groups of runners, for me is a first half of rhythms disastrous race in the first 4 kilometers down 4min/km enough, but we're leaving all the forces there, at kilometer 5 to Sariego, which was played a lot of suffering, neglecting much running technique, breathing, etc.. ..

From Sariego did Pola, catch your breath and weather the storm, by far the feeling is much better, which makes the journey more enjoyable, last meters wondering around the streets of the biggest Siero and waiting just before the goal arc , Aleix and I walked together in our first race with a time of 1 hour 29 min 16 sec, time is improved, because there are many things to improve, including the main train more.

The race was exceptional in every way, and although perhaps not valid for a good brand, it is highly recommended to enjoy, to overcome.
In my case I've done since has been personal brand, but on top of that are the details of organization, environment, was special because it's my first half barefoot , to find such good people.
Come if you want to run, run a mile, but if you want to live runs marathons, in this case, half marathons.
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