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Yeah, so I didn't run it..... I signed up back in September or October 2013 I think but then "Adrenoleukodystrophy" reared it's ugliness again in our family.

Adreno........ "What?"

This may help explain a little bit, check out my "about" information,

In December our 6 year old had and MRI and is showed some enhancement that indicated that the Adolescent ALD (Adrenoleukodystropy) had decided to rear its ugly head. In 2009 our oldest had to have a bone marrow transplant (BMT) to stop the progression, it was during this time that we learned that our youngest son also had the ALD link and would require monitoring by having an MRI every 6 months and if there was any sign of ALD kicking in...... off to Minnesota for a BMT we go.

So we went, off to Minneapolis, MN in January and again in February. Dylan our youngest and my wife still remain in Minneapolis, probably until July or so. The transplant went well, our 9 year old son was his donor (he doesn't have the ALD link).

Dad" "aka. Mr. Mom", when you're not used to it is a lot of fun. Hopefully the house will still be standing when Dylan and my wife come home.

ALD for us has been a major family affair. When our oldest had his BMT, his sister was his donor and now Dylan and our middle son.

I had really wanted to attempt to make it down and run the North - South Marathon, but the day came and I was ill prepared both in training and logistics to get there. Next year, maybe!

I did recently sign up for a Marathon in October 2014 and maybe I'll get some other races in before then. So training I will be and making trips to Minneapolis (awesome city btw), can't wait to barefoot it there the end of this month.

Thanks for stopping by.

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