First "Public" Barefoot Run

Blog entry posted by Pon, Oct 1, 2012.

Ok, So I decided to start a Blog :)

I just recently started to run barefoot/minimalist, actually I just started to run at all this year! Since June I've been trying to run "skin to the ground" as much as possible, which hasn't been much :(

Most of the times I run around the neighborhood at night, so basically no one see me, not that I care but that is the way it is, when I do run on daylight I use my VFF's. This past saturday I found some free time very early in the morning so I decided to go for a run on a local park, since there was a big race on sunday and I saw no events scheduled for saturday I beleived I was in for a "lonely" run but whe I arrived I noticed there was some kind of private race going on, I was wearing my VFF's and started to warm/strech trying to not interfere with the race, a couple of minutes after the start I took off the KSO and started to run on my own, as you can predict I had a lot of eyes on my feet LOL, the plan was to run as much as I could (5K was my goal) and not care much about pace/speed (but I tracked it anyway) I sure tried to go unnoticed but failed, which was good since the people at the hydration post offered me water even when I was trying to go past them, I guess they wanted a closer look! :)

I ended up running 6 Km in 41 minutes and it fealt Great! on Sunday I noticed minor blisters on my 3rd and 4th toes so I guess I need to try to focus on not pushing.

I'm thinking on signing up for my first official 5k barefoot before the end of the year!

Thanks for reading

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