First full barefoot mile of the year

Blog entry posted by susafras, Mar 7, 2011.

Not only the snowdrops come out. My feet were also allowed to enjoy some sunrays. :)

OK, this was not the very first time of the year. We had some nice and warm days in February already. Then I enjoyed the first barefoot walk of the year (1km).

Subconsciously I had decided, that March would be a good time to start barefooting again, so I did that, although the ground is still freezing cold. Within a minute my feet were numb and very uncomfortable but I managed to walk ~2.5km on Tuesday and even managed to jog a full mile yesterday in the Englische Garten in Munich.

Have you ever tried to put your VFF Bikilas back on, when your feet are numb from the cold and moist from the thawing mud? Almost an impossible task to fumble those toes back into the right pockets. *aargh*

I hope, that spring finally comes! My feet are longing for freedom.