Finding Areas To BF Run West Of Tampa (Beach Areas)

Blog entry posted by Warren Dickey, Aug 19, 2011.

To All,

As the Florida-Tampa Chapter is born I'm looking for ideas of some places to run nearer the beach. In the Clearwater, Indian Shores, or St. Pete Beach area.
  • It can either be concrete, sand or mixture of both
  • Needs to be at least 3 miles in length or longer
  • Convenient parking is important
  • Needs to have an area we can warm-up prior to running that isn't in the main path of travel for other runners
  • Being close to an eating/drinking establishment is a plus
  • Having a water source close by to get drinking water from is also a huge plus
We can do the beach run either in addition to or in lieu of the monthly meetup already planned on Bayshore Blvdduring the 4th Sat of each month. Eventually I'm hoping we'll attract BF/Min runners from both areas, Tampa and the beach areas.Then we can do two meetups per month so folks have choices or they can have twice the fun/camaraderie.

If you are in the greater Tampa metro area or out near the beaches to the west but aren't yet a Tampa Chapter member looks us up on the BRS site and sign on to be a member. First meet-up is 27 Aug on Bayshore Blvd. See the Chapter site for more details.

If anyone has some ideas of where I should focus my search please post them on the Chapter site, on the Chapter Facebook page, or send me email.

Keep it bare,

Warren Dickey

Chapter President, Florida-Tampa Chapter