Early morning in mid stance

Blog entry posted by Shodless_Warrior, Sep 7, 2011.

Yesterday was active day. I did half of an insanity workout shortly after waking up, did a functional fitness run several hours later, and finished the day with a light hour of random movement exercise...aka bodystorming new exercises. I woke up about in an hour ago. My earlier than expected rise was due to the fact that my hamstrings had seized up so tightly that I could feel the tension increasing on my Achilles heel. Not the alarm clock I set to wake me up, but I believe in listening to the body whenever the message is clear. Like a sulky kid being woken up by his parents early on Saturday morning to do chores instead of watching cartoons, I rolled out of bed with much distest. The next type of roll I did was on a medical grade foam roller, which in my opinion is an amazing way to remedy cramps, loosen up healthily without a raised core temperature, and engage a vast amount of core muscles in eccentric and concentric motions.
I start the rolling on the buttocks muscles and by the time I have finished working down the chain of muscle groups, I've ended on the heel. For the neophyte rollers out there, if the surface you're on is hard, ie tile or wood, use a pillow to sit on after the buttocks muscle group has been rolled. During the rolling, trigger points will be found in the muscles. These spots or areas will almost hurt to roll over, that is how they found by the sensation of pain or discomfort. Whenever trigger spots are identified, hold pressure on them for at least thirty seconds. I'll get the scientific reasoning for this later, all I know now is in my experience this minimum 30 seconds does help with relief and recovery. Welp, that is it for now, I am tired of standing at mid stance while typing this..ciao!

"...we few, we happy few, we band of brothers..."