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cheating just a bit - I'll add a entry here that I lifted from my personal blog site "" As a barefoot runner AND a artist/writer living in NE Iowa, running barefoot around here is akin to attaching a sign to my bald head exclaiming . . . FREAK! so hopefully you will enjoy my little story below. the story is true . . .

it is asked while I’m barefoot, either wandering about, or most often out for a run, “doesn't’ that hurt,” or “won’t barefoot cause injury?”
Running magazines, blogs, and seemingly more and more articles abound on the Web addressing this question, [and] then, they proceed to self-prophesize an answer by citing what [they] perceive as the inherent dangers of running barefoot.
as I can only speak/write my thoughts . . . and experiences . . . I've found going barefoot to be a natural movement that once reacquainted within our minds and body is almost injury free.
before those who question the authority on MY running/walking history, I’ll add that I've logged years of shoe-mileage, and sustained the knee and leg issues which tagged relentlessly along with me throughout that time.

Proceeding . . . to the here and now:
I run about 50 miles a week, and only run barefoot. Predominately when running, I run on concrete. Walks, hikes and simple meandering around are most often done on dirt trails.
Approaching almost two years of running barefoot I had never sustained injuries more severe than the occasional heat-blister, blisters caused usually from running on Asphalt when it’s too warm. Asphalt heats up amazing fast, and what may be cool pavement when you head one direction, can, with just the right amount of sunshine . . . turn extremely hot on the return run.

as an astute reader, which you are [if] you read my writings – you must have noticed a few lines above, the usage of: “Had never sustained injuries.” So yes . . . I’m currently just returning to normal running after taking almost three-weeks to heal from an incident of injury. Now . . . would shoes manufactured by slave-labor overseas have helped? Not sure . . . so I’ll let you decide . . . and with this expressed honesty, what follows, was the “incident” . . .

Dominantly Displaying Decisiveness – their adherence to curvature is remarkable.

within its devotion to contour, this most simplistic of fabric, bonds intimately –

shape and form
create – identity and attitude . . .
in unison
we systematically turned
[orderly and efficiently]
to witness:
a piper playing her tune
all of us:
the guy pumping gas into his family van
the guy in the nice suit with an expensive flash of gold surrounding his finger
the guy walking by holding hands with his girl:
even the guy with the nice white collar starched around his neck
as did I . . . when:
she came out the door
just a coffee and a doughnut
an everyday girl
it’s June – it’s Iowa
spring leapt forth
yoga pants and tank tops!

curbs occur when vision is detained by yoga pants, and feet, no longer connected to the mind tend to slip off the edge of curbs . . . causing Achilles Tendons to stretch violently . . .

and thus, my first injury while running barefoot!

I limped home . . . to heal . . . and to ponder . . . knowing full well . . .
the lesson was NOT learned!!
As . . .
The yoga pant blues will live again, I’m sure.
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