Barefoot running with Dakota

Blog entry posted by hellofrommark, Apr 5, 2010.

My son Dakota and I did our usual 3 mile run through are local park:

The Usual: Pavement, dirt, Dirt with twigs, wood chips, and long grass, roots, and dirt.

We start out running together and talking then he gets sees the trails and there's no holding him back.

He circles back to check on me from time to time and all in all it's a great time.

To put things into perspective my young man is 17 and on the Cross Country team and I'm 51 and thus prefer a slightly slower pace. Nothing beats spending time with your son and watching him grow. :)

The next day we tried a new route just because I could measure the mileage out with my car. It's a paved bike and running path. We measured out 10 miles and went at it. The first five miles was fairly comfortable except for the occasional sharp rock that had been thrown onto the path from the previous nights rain. Dakota and I both agreed though that even though it didn't look it the path was just a little too sharp as the last five miles wore on our feet.

I came away with it all with only 1 blister on my left big toe, and we decided that the park paths made of dirt etc.. are the preferred route. Some people call barefoot running running in some form of shoe like a Vibram Five Fingers shoe.

Dakota and I were running barefoot we find overall except for10 miles on apaved path, it's a very positive experience. It doesn't feel natural to put on shoes.

Havea great week