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Blog entry posted by steveschroederart, Mar 24, 2015.

Barefoot – has forgotten who “IT” is, [forgotten] how to appreciate the simplicity of why many initially returned to a natural walking/running of feet bare. Barefoot has/is getting lost in the sterilized text of “How To” books or “Training” books and the ever-present “Guide” books. Barefoot is becoming lost in an endless banter of logged-miles and timed-speed.
In a weird twist of reality, barefoot is trying to BE, what IT seeks to escape from [and] that is the structured, rigid, and FAKE soul of walking/running with . . . well, with fake soles.

Barefoot is seeking legitimacy through commercialization – it’s simply selling itself out to the same mundaneness that destroyed running [for-the-sake of running] that has occurred over the last 30-40 years.

Barefoot has replaced the EMOTION of the bare-sole, with techniques and steps. You should not teach going barefoot. You can and should however, encourage others to simply take their shoes off, and FEEL how to remember to walk barefoot.

PLEASE: I’m NOT condemning those who try to teach barefoot, or talk about it. Instead, I’m simply suggesting that we talk about the “emotion” of going barefoot. Who cares how many miles you put on, instead, talk about the RUSH of feeling you get when squishing your toes in mud, or the insane coolness of FEELING each leaf crunch, or the SENSATION of sun warmed pavement as it mitigates the briskness of a winter’s day.

We believe in our society that everything needs to be taught, that programs and goals [that] progress is gained through these choreographed pre-planned scheduled advancements . . . screw that!
Often I hear when out and about barefoot, “Doesn't it hurt to go barefoot?” “Shoes hurt my mind,” is often my reply, as shoes reduce the time spent looking-down: Shoes confine your vision to what is up-ahead, or down-the-road [while] we tend to step-over, step-on, step-past the beautiful moment [that] IS alive and breathing beneath feet left bare.

Shoes, be-they standard or “minimal” ARE still shoes. Even the minimal shoes create a sense of safety and comfort which bypass the moment [while] bare-foot – creates the moment.

“Barefoot asks nothing more of you than to simply live the moment.” {s.s. – 2014}

People seem to lace-up their lives in this big damn rush [which] then is neatly tied-off with a perfect bow. We are taught to bind ourselves, to secure from the elements every possible obstacle.
YET – today is often forgotten or walked-over:

Reckless abandonment of living is not what I promote, [however] life is meant to be felt! The moment that is [is meant] to be the moment – felt each day. Slow down and take time to feel the moment. Remind yourself to ENJOY the barefoot run, to FEEL and promote to others the simple beauty of: Life and Living, as it ooze’s wonderful mud between your toes . . .

abounds barefoot
barefoot exposes
9 spiders of legs-long
14 ants of craftsantship
2 squirrels scampering silent
abounds barefoot
barefoot exposes
twigs unhinged as stick-figures
rocks establishing their aged wisdom
glass reversing its conception
commotions of life
beautiful commotion

{s.s. – 2014}

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