Barefoot in the Time of Shoes

Blog entry posted by Widefoot Jay, May 16, 2018.

I've spent some time in the forums to realize that most of the population just don't get why some people choose to run/walk barefoot. Most of the non-barefooters will ask why do you run barefoot, and after giving your reasons, will mostly politely nod but others will give you a litany of reasons why barefoot running is bad. You'd think that they were being paid by Nike or Adidas in how fervent they are about not running barefoot.

As for myself I've only ran barefoot a handful of times and i'll say it feels more free to run that way. It also takes more time to learn and you'll be slower starting out because of how sensitive your feet are to the ground (whether its gravel/asphalt/grass/dirt), and watching out for debris that people who run in shoes don't have to worry about.
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