Barefoot across Spain! Update on my preparations...

Blog entry posted by Julia Chi, Sep 29, 2017.

I am a lifetime runner... I started running in my bare feet at six years old and now at fifty eight years old I have taken my shoes off again and I am living and running barefoot...I worked in the lives of others for forty years teaching them how to live fully through embracing the journey we are all on, from birth to death. We die how we live and so through living fully we can embrace our death, and through accepting that we will die we can live more wholly... I am running to raise money and awareness for end of life care - to help support the running costs of the twelve hospices which serve adults and children in Sussex. I lived in Sussex for twenty five years before becoming a nomad... I now travel the world with only hand luggage - and recently no shoes!

I am planning to run across Spain next Spring... Here is a video I made today, live on Facebook about how it is all going...

My journey will start in March 2018 on the Northern Coast of Spain in Suances. I will journey, running barefoot, down through Spain arriving in Almuñecar on the South Coast. I aim to arrive on my 59th birthday in May!
Being barefoot connects me to the earth and to myself and to the awareness of each moment as I tread my own life journey.
I have always worked deeply in the lives of others, helping them to face themselves in life and death. Therefore it feels natural for me to be raising money to aid the transition of adults and children in their journey from life to death.
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I have worked for forty years as a mentor, coach, teacher and healer. I am now sharing myself and my insights as I blog,, and vlog,, about my adventures on my barefoot nomadic journey. I have been running all of my life. From the early days as a young teenager when I raced around a grass track in my bare feet, to running at top level, my first international race a 5k X country competition in Spain, to posting a marathon best time of 2.36.31 in the 1986 London marathon.