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Blog entry posted by Spiderweb62, Sep 18, 2012.

I havent been very active recently (on the blog that is), but my running is improving every time I go out. I cover now around 25km per week, and my longest run was a 9.2km early september ! It was a bit too much, as I still had some slight pain on the side of the ankle.

I think it is the peroneous lungus tendon that was inflamed from going too quickly running in the bush a few months agod.

It took over 3 month to recover !! Well that's for the pain to completely disappear, obviously I started running fairly quickly, using the pain as a guide on what NOT to do, and it worked!!I am now pain free on my ankle

I run mostly on concrete/bitumen roads for now, but once I am confident, I will start include beach runs, and then eventually bush runs

I increase my runs by about 10% every week, without issues for now !! And I feel great !

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