4 Miles Barefoot and Feet Un-Scathed!

Blog entry posted by Dain Deutschman, Sep 29, 2011.

4 Miles Barefoot and Feet Un-Scathed![​IMG]WOW!!! I just ran 4 miles, barefoot the entire way...flying...over many long stretches of rough broken up, rocky asphalt and stick covered trails. Feet totally un-scathed (slightly raw one spot on left foot). NO blisters! I ran with Vibrams in hand butnever used them!It felt really good going over rough surfaces that used to give me blisters. It felt like a good back scratch...on the bottoms of my feet. I attribute this to the fact that my form is improving. I'm learning to bend my knees, keep shoulders back and relaxed, head straight and lift the knees to bring my feet up....don't push off the ground. Also, running with a shorter stride and at a quicker pace helps.Towards the end of my run I did start to falter in my form because my legs are still too weak to go any farther. So, it's something you must build up to in order to maintain good form and un-scathed feet the entire run. This basically proves the point that running in shoes tricks you into running farther and harder than your body is ready for...hence the injuries associated. Listening to your body and feet tells you when to stop and avoid injury.Primal Diet Update:This week I had bacon, eggs and boston bib lettuce for breakfast. I ate snap peas and broccoli for snacks and/or turkey wrapped in lettuce. I had blackened catfish for dinner. For drinkage only tea (green chai and yerba mate) with stevia, coffee and water (except for two Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Lattes). Also, I had Indian food once but kept the portions light. Oh...and a little bit of dark choc. Not too bad. I tried to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night too. Feeling less bloated and have more steady energy.