2nd barefoot marathon complete!

Blog entry posted by Theresa, Oct 18, 2011.

Finished my second barefoot marathon on Sunday. WOW. It was a beautiful day for running in Maine. Almost perfect actually. We started out with a stlight drizzle and about 50 degrees. But it cleared up and became a perfect fall day. It was a little windy but not in a way that slowed me down but in a way that felt refreshing.

MDI is a bewutiful area! (Bar Harbor, Maine) Gorgeoeous views of the ocean or mountains for most of the way. This course had is all. Scenic, great crowds, great volunteers, and if you like ice-cream and beer at the finish it had that too. :)

My post race recoveryis going well. My quads are tight from all the downhills. It was a HILLY course. My feet are fine. I have a couple of very small blood blisters on the bottoms from stepping on what I think were small rocks hidden in the pine needles. The trees are loosing some of their needles and I couldn't resist my urge to run through the piles of them on the road. They are soft and silky feeling compared to the asphalt.

My husband followed my on part of the course on a bike. It was really fun to have him be a part of the adventure. He is not a runner but he is my biggest fan. And he took a lot a video. It was fun to look at the video and listening to him breathing! He did a great job biking and video taping uphill and downhill.

My friend Steve also ran the marathon barefoot and it was fun to know I had someone at the finish to to celebrate with who truelly understood the ups and downs of the course and share our stories with each other.

Can't wait to see what the winter brings. But for now a little recovery time and my 1/2 marathon trail run in 2 weeks!

Have fun running out there!