1 year barefoot

Blog entry posted by rickwhitelaw, Feb 9, 2012.

Just had my 1 year barefoot anniversary. Last January I entered the St. George Half marathon and had a miserable run. I had been running in Vibrams for about 2 months, but switched back to my old running shoes for this race. I didn't think my feet were ready for the distance yet. I got bad knee pains during the race and at the end I vowed no more regular shoes. Started researching, found BRS, started barefoot running and had a great year. I completed my first marathon (VFF's), ran 2 13.1's barefoot, and hiked the Grand Canyon R2R (merrells). I just completed another marathon (merrells), but had some knee problems again. So once again I am making another vow. Barefoot, Barefoot, Barefoot. I look forward to year 2 of barefoot running.