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  1. Tyler J L
    The new idea to make the Barefoot Autism Challenge year round has been a good idea so far! Even though some months don't have a lot of posts as April has, this is the first time I made the decision to make the challenge year round. So there's still some things I'm adjusting to for it, but we're making it work. A few people have done it at their weddings and Fourth of July events. I'm curious...
    Tyler J L, Jul 6, 2018
  2. Tyler J L
    So next week, Iowa State has their annual Greek Week and they have Special Olympics athletes come out and do some activities with them. The athlete gets paired with a fraternity or sorority and becomes an adoptee for them. The one I got paired with was the Greek house my mom was in: Sigma Kappa. There's a dodgeball tournament, a lip sync competition that I'll be judging, a Polar Plunge, and a...
    Tyler J L, Mar 23, 2017
  3. Tyler J L
    [ATTACH] As some of you may know, I thought of the idea for the first Barefoot Autism Challenge but I think I should tell you how I thought of it. Back in 2013 I first heard of Barefoot Angie Bee and I discovered her son Jupiter is autistic and I instantly took a liking to her. I wasn't that fond of being barefoot only when it was bedtime or at the pool/beach. The first time I tried walking...
    Tyler J L, Jan 20, 2017
  4. Tyler J L
    Anyone who remembers the Teletubbies painting with hands and feet episode will love this video. It's my first barefoot video of me painting my feet and making footprints.[MEDIA]
    Tyler J L, Jun 29, 2016
  5. Tyler J L
    I also have a lot of videos and pictures of me and my bare feet. I'll post them for you to see so you can let me know if you like them.
    Tyler J L, Jun 29, 2016
  6. Tyler J L
    As a kid I was like everyone else except for I have autism. I also wore sandals as a kid but it just stopped in middle school. I was afraid that being barefoot was bad for me. It progressed in high school and college where the only time I went barefoot was swimming or in bed. It wasn't until I looked up former member Angie Bee and saw the TOMS day without shoes campaign. Then I was encouraged...
    Tyler J L, Jun 29, 2016