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    I'm seeing a lot of questions on here lately about the "transition" process going from padded, structured shoes to minimalist and barefoot. For those of you who've already posted that question you may have noticed a lot of answers saying "take the shoes off." Here's why so many of us say that: How to transition with minimalist shoes Take it slow Increase your distance by a small % each week...
    trevize1138, May 22, 2020
  2. trevize1138
    This is a post I made at /r/BarefootRunning several months ago that has proven very helpful to folks over time. I wanted to share it here, too. ----------------- I still see a lot of people warning about the dangers of heel-striking without fully understanding why. It all comes down to blaming an easily identifiable symptom rather than understanding the root issue. The real enemy to running...
    trevize1138, Aug 13, 2018
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    Barefoot TJ kindly asked that I start making blog posts. I've got a few things I've posted over on reddit that made for interesting conversation so I'll start putting them up here, too. For the most part people have a very linear view of traction: more traction is better than less traction. I'm starting to see how this issue is far more complex when it comes to running. When running on...
    trevize1138, Jun 12, 2018