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    One small blister on the left big toe, everything else without any problems. Temperatures was around 10 degrees (Celsius -- 50 Farenheit), some wet pavement. November 2010, slow pace, around 5 hours Waiting for another[img]
    Rollback, Mar 13, 2011
  2. Rollback
    Tommorow will be exactly 1 year from my finish of Winter Trans Slovenia race -- 220 km in 4 days, in snow, very cold weather and dangerous roads. I manage to run all four days in Feelmax shoes. I'm just glad that this year there was no such race ;)
    Rollback, Feb 13, 2011
  3. Rollback
    I discovered Feelmax in 2009, early Spring. I knew right away, that I need a pair to test. First was Panka, model with an old sole and I did try it on the run couple of times. Feeling was different from anything that I wear so far, even Vibram FF. Feelmax was so much thiner, that I actually feel everything on the ground, even the small stones and peebles. When I read about new model Niesa, I...
    Rollback, Jan 17, 2011
  4. Rollback
    I did a small study last year on my 6hrs race at Sladki vrh. Using great and extensive photo material I manage to compare foot landing between runners in running shoes and myself, running in Feelmax, minimalistic shoes. Intersting patterns was found: almost every shod runner land ther feet on the ground with their heels. Wearing minimalistic shoes (that simulates barefoot) this immediately...
    Rollback, Dec 3, 2010