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    Iknow that VFF's are expensive, so the belief is that you need a lot of cash to be a "barefoot" runner. However, there is an alternative to VFF's. He could just go barefoot, as in no shoes at all. Iknow there are cheaper minimalist shoes, but you can't beat the cheapness of bare feet. Ihope that Karzai can get over his addiction to cash and learn to enjoy more of the simple pleasures of...
    Matt, Oct 29, 2010
  2. Matt
    This is in response to the woman who was running in the opposite direction the past Sunday morning -- "No, I'm not." Huh? Well, as she passed me (Ihad been running ahead of her for 1/2 mile or so before Iturned around, and we passed going oposite directions), we exchanged quick "good mornings", then she got in a "You're awesome!" as Iwas already past her. I'm 99% sure this was because I'm...
    Matt, Aug 26, 2010