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    The cold wet mud and gravel (our front stoop put me out on mud as the grass is missing that is normally there to walk alongside the cars out to the road) got the better of me.. I made it to the neighbors driveway.. so less than a 10th of a mile, BUT I did it... and it didn't hurt, actually texture felt wonderful underfoot, it was the cold that killed me... Add in my new sportbras arrived and...
    khyricat, Mar 18, 2011
  2. khyricat
    but more than a bit anxious to get outside and run.. I don't have minimalist shoes and still can't justify spending 100$ or so on a pair.. I keep hoping the Zem's come out, but at this rate, when they are here, I'll be able to run true bare... I have gradually worked my way back up- ankle twinges from the twist.. but today I did 3.25 miles without any twinges.. so I am calling myself fully...
    khyricat, Mar 6, 2011
  3. khyricat
    First run since Monday... I only got in 1.5 miles because we had to go get my glasses and I twisted my ankle a bit while out doing that.. so no second run when we got home... hopefully I'll be able to run tomorrow... if not, my next run will be Thursday. I am working Mon-Weds.. and with an 8 hour plus workday and 2.5 hours on the roads to get there adn home, there is barely time left for...
    khyricat, Feb 12, 2011
  4. khyricat
    new job is putting a crimp in my style though.. and apparently the pedometer I was using (indoor running these days) is off- I got concerned and pulled out another and set my phone up to act as one. The second I pulled out and my phone both said I had 2.4 miles, the one I had been using said 4.2 miles. Seemed like it wasn't right to me due to splits being too low.. now I know why... I did 3.6...
    khyricat, Feb 6, 2011
  5. khyricat
    After approx 20 years of minimal running- due to injuries and pain when I would try to pick it up again, I CANRUNAGAIN! Iam in heaven. I started running barefoot late in Dec, and am already up to more than 3 miles a day. Given that I hadn't been able to regularly do more than a half mile or so since the early '90's and I missed my long distance (half and marathon length racing, and lots of...
    khyricat, Jan 20, 2011