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  1. Julia Chi
    At the moment i am staying in the Alpujarra mountains training to run Barefoot Across Spain in March next year - as well as enjoying taking more Spanish lessons every day! I met up with Jack on Thursday evening to talk about his process in planning the route for me to run from Suances to Almuñecar and we discovered our shred love of the journey for the journey's sake. Here is a link the blog i...
    Julia Chi, Oct 21, 2017
  2. Julia Chi
    A week of training in the life of a barefoot runner training to run across Spain…! Sunday October 1st I woke as dawn streaked across Lanzarote island; my plan was to run 24 kilometres and meet Anadi for breakfast on Famara beach… I had checked the tide tables and saw that I would have time for most of the kilometres on the beach before heading for the road. My feet have done many road miles...
    Julia Chi, Oct 8, 2017
  3. Julia Chi
    I am a lifetime runner... I started running in my bare feet at six years old and now at fifty eight years old I have taken my shoes off again and I am living and running barefoot...I worked in the lives of others for forty years teaching them how to live fully through embracing the journey we are all on, from birth to death. We die how we live and so through living fully we can embrace our...
    Julia Chi, Sep 29, 2017
  4. Julia Chi
    I was walking along Famara beach in Lanzarote with my husband Anadi… I love that beach. It is sandy and expansive, with a backdrop of volcanic cliffs, magical in their colour and stature. The beach is 5k long when the tide is low, and very popular with surfers and kite surfers… I was watching the surfers warming up… I loved watching them carrying out all their exercises and then they started...
    Julia Chi, Aug 25, 2017
  5. Julia Chi
    It is wonderful to have discovered Barefoot Runners Society! It is a big thank you to Trevor, a member here who has seen my YouTube channel and so contacted me to let me know about you :) I have been made very welcome straight away... Following my blog post yesterday where I write about the fact I have undertaken to run across Spain, from the North coast to the South coast, next spring - in...
    Julia Chi, Aug 18, 2017
  6. Julia Chi
    I have just come of a Skype call meeting with Maggie… She and her husband Jack are plotting my route across Spain… It was fun to connect and share progress over ‘El Plan…’ It is just one week since I announced that I am now officially in training to be capable of running barefoot across Spain next spring…! I am running to raise money for FSH - the Friends of Sussex hospice, as well to raise...
    Julia Chi, Aug 17, 2017