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  1. Dr. Andrew Klein
    I felt pretty good through the weekend and took a day off while we visited my family in Iowa. We got back Sunday evening and I was itching to get a run in. I headed out at about 7:15, no shoes again this time, still wanting to work on technique and get that down. I slowed my pace but was careful to actually increase the cadence of my running. Basically that means you shorten your stride, and...
    Dr. Andrew Klein, Jul 14, 2011
  2. Dr. Andrew Klein
    (NB: I orginally posted this on my own blog. One of the goals for that blog is to educate my family and non-barefoot friends a little on barefoot running, so please excuse the obvious information contained within and enjoy my pain, I mean story.) Barefoot running requires a big change in form when compared to the way that most people run in shoes. There are certainly exceptions, but most...
    Dr. Andrew Klein, Jul 14, 2011
  3. Dr. Andrew Klein
    Here we go! Back in the saddle. I did 7/10 of a mile on July 4th after not running since the previous Tuesday. I'm now taking the "run for fun" approach, and listening to my body rather than trying to pound out a specific distance or set of intervals. I didn't time this run, but I did map it out afterwards just to see the distance. I want to get an idea for how far, I'm just not concerned...
    Dr. Andrew Klein, Jul 6, 2011
  4. Dr. Andrew Klein
    ...of too much too soon! I started on the trail of barefoot running in about April this year. I have never enjoyed running any further than a 400 meter race. Any more than that was literally fatiguing to the point of nausea. As I learn more and practice more barefoot running I realize that my fatigue likely came form poor form. I was a stomper. My high school hurdles coach likened me to an...
    Dr. Andrew Klein, Jun 30, 2011