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    Well I guess I started a blog of my own now: Quick overview or what I want to discuss is,barefoot running, eating paleo, warrior diet, balancing time, low budget living, and how to keep your sanity while attend a very tough engineering school just to name a few. Hopefully you like it!
    dmcchesney, Jun 15, 2011
  2. dmcchesney
    Why am I barefoot? Timeline: Freshmen year of high school- 2005-6 Senior year- 2009-10 1st School term- Summer 2010 1st Work term- Fall 2010 2nd School term- Winter 2011 2nd Work term- Spring 2011 First off I know wrestling shoes are very minimal, but I was heel striking like crazy in them! Back in high school I joined the wrestling team to take up some time in the winter. If anyone...
    dmcchesney, Apr 2, 2011