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  1. Danjo we even have to be in shape to run barefoot? I mean I'm not saying that anyone would have to be in shape before they went running, that doesn't even make sense, but do we have to be in shape to go out and run as far as we want to? I probably wouldn't have thought about it much, except for the hills. I haven't really been running all that much since August (when I started going 100%...
    Danjo, Dec 17, 2010
  2. Danjo
    In Born to Run Caballo Blanco said "Run easy, light, smooth, and fast." Ken Bob Saxton says that running barefoot should not be work, it should be easy. I don't think I know what either of them are talking about. If you've been around the forums a lot and read my posts you may have noticed me saying that I've been having some bad runs lately. I thought it was just an on and off kind of thing,...
    Danjo, Oct 31, 2010
  3. Danjo
    Just wondering, but why not completely barefoot? As far as "doing it right" is concerned, I'd recommend Its very informative.
    Danjo, Oct 10, 2010
  4. Danjo
    Sounds like my kind of course, except for the barbed wire bit, that sounds dangerous even in shoes. That had to be a great feeling though, both the litteral feeling of the mud between your toes, and being the only one with traction, and not in fancy pants expensive running shoes! Nice job on passing someone by sliding on your butt, haha.
    Danjo, Sep 21, 2010