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    The Event The Rennsteig Supermarathon was first run in 1973 in what was the DDR, Soviet East Germany, at the time. Since the reunification, it's grown into one of the largest running events in Europe. There are three races: a half-marathon, a marathon and the "Supermarathon", which is the original race. All three start in different cities but have a common finish in the city of...
    BFwillie_g, May 25, 2011
  2. BFwillie_g
    I ran a halfmarathon on Saturday the 12th. Start was at 3pm and only about a 12 minute drive from my house away, in a town called "Stadtsteinach". It was the 26th anniversary of the event and there were about 360 entrees in all events - kids (Bambini) runs, Nordic Walkers (Stick People), a 10k Fun Run, and the "Hauptlauf", the Halfmarathon. My wife Brigitte, our kid Isabella and her bff...
    BFwillie_g, Jun 14, 2010
  3. BFwillie_g
    Hi, Here's a pic of my first Huaraches. Iused a "wet print" of my actual foot profile to make the form. They only protect the surface of my that foot that actually touches the ground. There's no flapping sound on pavement. Well, they're not as silent as real BF but close. I don't wear them on pavement anyway, so it really doesn't matter. These are super thin, 2.5mm, and held to my feet with...
    BFwillie_g, May 19, 2010
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    I've never had a blog before and I'm not sure what kind of things I'll write here, but Ifigured I'd start with a pic o' myself. Ido the bulk of my running in the woods nearby, on these tractor access roads which are still too stony for my bare feet, so Istick to the Huaraches.
    BFwillie_g, May 18, 2010