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    Throughout my life, I have loved being barefoot, and I even managed to go to school barefoot at a few times during my K-12 years, and now that I'm in college, I can go barefoot anytime anywhere, but in school there was always a rule requiring shoes. I managed to slip under its radar a few times, though. A few times, even with my buddies Bartolomeo and Giovanni. In kindergarten, we had a pajama...
    Barefootconservative, Nov 4, 2017
  2. Barefootconservative
    Not that long ago, my two closest friends had some very mortifying things happen to them. My friends' names are Bartolomeo and Giovanni (Bart and Gianni), and they're exactly my same age. We are like brothers, so that's how close we are. Let's start with Bart: It was his 18th birthday, and we were about a month away from graduating high school. Bart was on his P.E. class that morning, and...
    Barefootconservative, Oct 27, 2017
  3. Barefootconservative
    I started college this fall. In the first few weeks, it was still warm enough for shorts and bare feet. Sadly, it's too cold to wear any of that now. But once it warms back up enough, my feet are coming right back out from their leather cases. I have been thinking of fun barefoot things to do throughout my college years. I will explain those later. While at the college, I have seen a few other...
    Barefootconservative, Oct 19, 2017