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    I think your form is great Robbie-Lynn. You seem to have a very relaxed form with not too much forefoot. I have only two suggestions: 1. bend your knees a little more (increase the shock absorber effect) 2. try to get more heal contact, so that you take some of the tension off your calves. Run in a puddle and then take a look at your footprints on a dry surface. Do you see the entire...
    Barefoot YOW, Oct 27, 2011
  2. Barefoot YOW
    Welcome Robbie-Lynn, Looks like you're in Western Canada. Beautiful running territory. Day 1 and 1 mile barefoot. How are the feet? Be sure to build up your distance very gradually. You want to avoid Too Much Too Soon (TMTS). Have fun and enjoy the journey
    Barefoot YOW, Oct 8, 2011