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    Well, its 12:42 a.m. on a Thursday, im really excited about the new episode of futurama this evening (I don't watch T.V. ever, but once a week for 30 min i make an exception. Ithink the nerd factor of the show appeals to the aerospace engineer in me), and i don't have work this week!!! Anyhow, on to running related ramblings ;) As i mentioned last time the full transition is rather difficult....
    barefoot kean, Jul 8, 2010
  2. barefoot kean
    The transition to barefoot running honestly, sucks. Within the first few minutes of day 1 I got two massive blisters in very awkward places, very painful. Once I even ran through wet asphalt at the golf course, fun! The only problem with that is that my toes stuck together a bit after that. Finally, while running the other day my big toe started to bleed inexplicably. As it turns out something...
    barefoot kean, Jun 16, 2010