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    I recently discovered that the entire time I have been running I've had asthma and that really limited what I could do. I had no idea until just recently. Now I can use this little inhaler and wow - I can run way better and without being completely miserable. It also seems to help my feet not get so irritated from running barefoot. I guess a lot of my pain in my feet was caused by asthma....
    Barefoot Badger, Oct 28, 2016
  2. Barefoot Badger
    [ATTACH] Sunday I ran my first full marathon barefoot. After finishing six barefoot half marathons last year I was finally able to train up enough to make it through a full. This race was in Alabama and was half on paved golf cart paths and the last half on roads. My feet held up pretty well but I did have some issues with my quads at the very end. The hard concrete paths may have had...
    Barefoot Badger, Mar 21, 2016
  3. Barefoot Badger
    Recently I completed two more unshod half marathons at the Texas Threesome race series in Texas. It would have been three but there was tornado activity so the middle race got canceled. I would have got to five moons on the half fanatics club too. Oh well. The course was very nice and smooth at first but then around the first turn it got very rough. Bad pitted asphalt for much of the...
    Barefoot Badger, Jun 2, 2015
  4. Barefoot Badger
    This was my first half marathon that I've completed all the mileage barefoot. I really enjoyed this one. No problems with the feet. I went a little faster than usual on the hills. This is a pretty hilly race. I was thinking of doing the Big D full marathon in a couple weeks, and I did register for it, but since I was so really sore from this half I think I'll drop down to the half for Big D....
    Barefoot Badger, Mar 30, 2015
  5. Barefoot Badger
    I finished my first barefoot half marathon yesterday. It was 35F degrees and 21F degrees windchill. I started off wearing my Sockwa shoes (2mm stack height) with some warm socks for the first two miles to get my blood flowing good. After that I ran barefoot(unshod/skin to ground). I use this strategy a lot on very cold days. I will often loose feeling in my feet pretty quick if I don't start...
    Barefoot Badger, Feb 16, 2015