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Site Outage - 11/05/20

Earlier, we experienced an outage that did not last very long.

According to the developers:

cPanel [website and server management user interface] did an auto update to a new minor version of MariaDB [relational database management system] which seems to have a bug with PHP 7.2 [hypertext preprocessor scripting language] and older.

In order to get us back online, we needed to install PHP 7.3 which required us to upgrade our site platform's version from 1.0 to 1.5 (1.5.24) because 1.0 does not support PHP 7.3.

At this point, they are going through the site making sure all the modules and functionality is working properly.

If you notice anything out of whack after two days, please post below. Thanks!

Current Bugs Being Corrected:
1.) International Globe missing - CHECK
2.) Language Chooser missing - CHECK
3.) Quick Logout Icon missing - CHECK
4.) Forum buttons are...
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Happy 11th Birthday, BRS!

Can you believe we've made it this long?

Oops! 1 day late this time!
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Leyton man runs barefoot marathon across Hackney Marshes for charity
By Hackney Gazette

Yanni Papastavrou is running the marathon to raise money for Solace Women’s Aid, a charity which works to support women and children and prevent violence and abuse.

Yanni, who works as a physicist in the Ratiotherapy Department at North Middlesex Hospital in Edmonton, helping to treat cancer patients began running to work to avoid public transport during the coronavirus lockdown.

He said: “Running a solo marathon is a huge challenge for me. To continue reading, please visit:
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You'll recall, Anna completed a barefoot run the length of Great Britain. I'm sure she can accomplish this goal as well. Good luck, Anna!

Meet Anna McNuff: the woman who is running her way around the world
By Eva zu Beck, Euro News

Self-professed mischief maker and adventurer Anna McNuff has inspired a generation of fitness lovers with her unique travelling style - running and cycling across countries around the world.

Last year, Anna ran the length of Britain completely barefoot. That’s 2,352 miles, equivalent to 90 marathons. In 2013, she cycled across every US state over seven months. As if that wasn’t enough, she ran the length of New Zealand two years later, and cycled the ridge of the Andes mountains in 2016.

For Anna, travel is “never stopping learning about the world, or being excited by how wonderful it is.” To continue reading, please visit:...