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SLOW SUCCESS: Endurance guru to bring wisdom to Charles Town
By Spirit of Jefferson

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella says heeding Phil Maffetone’s advice 17 years ago changed his running career and life. The internationally known health and running expert is set to speak in Charles Town Friday.

During the early years of Dr. Mark Cucuzzella’s running career, injuries were the norm. Punishing workouts through high school and college left him “hurting all the time” and then foot surgery sidelined him completely.

That’s when he came across the approach advocated by Dr. Phil Maffetone, then best known for his work helping Mark Allen win the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii six times straight.

“Before, it was all about training harder and harder,” said Cucuzzella, now 51 and still finishing marathons regularly under three hours. “Dr. Phil was the person out in front...
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Why the human foot was made for running -- even without shoes
By Doug Williams, Special to

Long before anyone ever ran a 10K or a marathon, humans were running down wild animals.

Meat, not medals, was the reward for the hunters who scampered barefoot through the wilds.

"We evolved to run," says Dr. Irene Davis, director of the Spaulding National Running Center and a professor in the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School in Boston. "Running is in our genes." To continue reading, please visit:
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Mexico's indigenous Raramuri runners chase Olympic dreams
Excellent piece by ESPN

Catalina Rascon, 17, has won 60K and 100K ultramarathons, but she is focusing her training on races 10K and shorter, with an eye toward the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Nathaniel Janowitz for ESPN

SIERRA TARAHUMARA, Mexico -- This region in the southwest portion of the northern border state of Chihuahua is known for its natural beauty. Here, among canyons, forests and mountain peaks, the indigenous Tarahumara people, often called the Raramuri, have lived for centuries.

Life is difficult in this picturesque but impoverished area, with high unemployment, low opportunity and rampant drug cartels having prompted many Raramuri to flee the isolated villages in their ancestral homeland. But not all choose to run away; some...
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Marathon attempt #2, Mankato, MN Marathon
By Trevize1138


Goal: 4:20
Time: 4:30

Strava map and splits

Beautiful fall day in MN for a barefoot marathon! I'm very happy with my performance mostly because I didn't hit any real wall throughout the run. The last 3 miles were more of a struggle than the rest of the race but I didn't completely shut down like I did 3 weeks ago at mile 17 trying to do a 20 mile workout.

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