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The BRS is delighted to be supporting Anna McNuff in her incredible #BarefootBritain challenge, in which she will attempt to run 100 marathons along the length of Britain, completely barefoot! Anna will encounter every kind of terrain - sand and rocks, marshes and woods, uplands and lowlands, highways and byways – taking it all in her unshod stride. If ever a challenge existed to prove to the world that barefoot is best, this is it!

We can all help her along the way. Below is a message from the #BarefootBritain team that explains how…

“It's so good to hear from fellow Barefoot runners, I know Anna loves the running community and will be so happy that fellow barefoot warriors are behind her.

There are lots of ways you can get involved - you can sign up to run alongside her, take a look at the calendar...
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Can you run fast barefoot? This guy can!

The Barefoot Contestant
The Adirondack Daily Enterprise

LAKE PLACID — Most people will never run a marathon, or even a half marathon. But one Capital Region man ran a half marathon on Sunday while wearing no shoes.

Bill Hoffman finished the Lake Placid Half Marathon running barefoot. Hoffman finished the 13.1-mile race 42nd overall in 1 hour, 40 minutes and 55.9 seconds. The Clifton Park resident said he couldn’t run until less than a decade ago, but now that he goes without shoes, he has finished dozens of ultra marathons. To continue reading, please visit......
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The Extramilest Interviews Dr. Mark Cucuzzella Podcast

From Dr. Mark Cucuzzella:

Fun to be on the my friend Floris Gierman’s show The Extramilest.

See story we did on Floris a couple years back on Getting Fast by Running Slow: http://naturalrunningcenter.com/2017/08/20/floris-gierman-aka-florrest-gump-fast-running-slow/ Tune into his amazing show.

Here is our episode. Check out the extensive show notes and links. Thanks Floris for the privilege!: https://extramilest.com/blog/mark-cucuzzella/...
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Tewkesbury half
By Tedlet

By having experienced my first half marathon approximately 8 months back in the cold & pouring rain I decided to sign up for another one this Spring –hopefully giving me a much better chance of not having to do battle with the weather!

The Tewkesbury half was the event I chose –it attracts around 1000 entrants, so it’s not massive, but at the same time is plenty large enough to get lost in the crowd…

I’d read some reasonable reports of previous year’s races so was actually looking forward to it (I normally get a bit nervous at these kind of things –no idea why, it’s entirely unnecessary, but I just do for some reason). Persuaded my partner to run it with me, which helps (she runs in VFFs). We decided to stick together throughout the course (moral support & all that!).

So we travelled down the day prior to the event & stayed overnight, which was definitely...