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How Abebe Bikila won the Olympic marathon without shoes
By Popular Science, Claire Maldarelli

FACT: The winner of the 1960 Olympic marathon did the whole race barefoot

Running shoe technology has come a long way in the last 100 years. Companies have added arch support, ridged soles designed to minimize shin splints, and, most recently, literal carbon-fiber plates sandwiched between an energy-returning ultra-lightweight midsole. All of this research and investment is meant to help athletes run their best races, and while world record times, particularly in the marathon, have come down with the advent of higher-tech shoes, sneakers aren’t everything. Case-in-point: Abebe Bikila and his barefoot Olympic triumph.

Bikila was a last minute addition to the Ethiopian marathon squad at the 1960 Summer Olympic games in Rome....
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Minimalist Running?:
Runner Beats Half the Field in 5K Race Wearing a Pair of Crocs

By Trill

A runner named Benjamin Pachev has managed to run a 5,000m race in Crocs, beating about half the field and coming in 12th place.

Earlier last month, Benjamin Pachev slipped on his pair of Crocs, and successfully finished a 5,000m race with a very respectable 14:47.62 time.

While he didn’t come in the first place, he still managed to outrun half his competitors wearing more traditional running shoes.

This unorthodox choice of footwear in a race has attracted a lot of attention, and it’s not the first time we’ve seen him rocking the Crocs during a race. According to Pachev’s father, the whole family uses Crocs to compete in races, just because – as bizarre as it may sound – they prefer Crocs to normal shoes!

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**Your Choice** Xero Shoes Giveaway Contest!
Wednesday, June 30, 2021, Noon EST

With Xero Shoes' "YOUR CHOICE" Giveaway Contests, now you can choose the minshoes you want! So many to choose from. Enjoy!

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Be sure to check out this great video of Steven explaining why the health of our feet is so important and how traditional shoes can destroy your foot health, then spread the word to all those you know:

Do your feet feel better at the end of the day than they did at the beginning?

If not, it's because your shoes aren't letting your feet do what's NATURAL.

Your feet are made to bend, flex, move and FEEL the world. One-quarter of the bones and joints in your ENTIRE body are in your feet and ankles; you have more nerve endings in your...
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Courir Pieds Nus, le livre de Ken Bob Saxton
By Sly


je suis un grand fan du livre de Ken Bob Saxton depuis bientôt 10 ans.
J'ai proposé ma traduction aux éditions Souccar, et il sortira le 1er juillet en librairie.

Comment et pourquoi courir pieds nus, expliqué dans les moindres détails par le Guru de la discipline !

et une interview dans Ouest France pour la promo du livre :

Sylvain Griot is the French translator of the book Running barefoot , the American Ken Bob Saxton, on Thursday 1 st July 2021 Editions Thierry Souccar . A running enthusiast...