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Xero Shoes on "How I Built This" Podcast

Listen to how Xero Shoes went from homemade sandals to a multi-million dollar business
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International Barefoot Running Day

As most of you know, International Barefoot Running Day (IBRD) is the flagship of the Barefoot Runners Society being inaugurated 13 years ago. International Barefoot Running Day always takes place on the FIRST Sunday in May of each year as it has since its conception. This year, IBRD will be held on Sunday, May 7.

Up until the pandemic began, the BRS took ownership of coordinating worldwide IBRD events through its many social media resources by broadcasting each event’s details (location, time of event, event distance, contact info, etc.). The BRS would likewise share the numerous reports and photos that came in after these events were concluded for all to enjoy.

In case you haven’t heard, the Barefoot Runners Society is turning over the coordination of International Barefoot Running Day to...
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BRS's Network Analytics
Over the Years


I believe that most people who try barefoot running don’t end up staying that way. I think most of those who look into running barefoot (or even minimal), for example, who stumble onto the BRS’s site, are mostly curious but then move on. It is niche after all and a big change to make; it involves having to relearn how to run and pay attention in the process. People are lazy. They want the easy button. Most runners are also too modest to try it for fear of being judged. You know, the usual explanations. I point to our web analytics for this insight:

2008: Runner’s World BFR forum founded

2009: BRS founded

2010: Host out of business, lost analytical data

2011: First year of solid site stats:

2013/2014: After steadily growing, first big numbers:
BRS Monthly History_2013 2014.png
BRS Monthly History_2014.png

2017: Steadily growing:...
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International Barefoot Running Day

As you most likely have gathered, the Barefoot Runners Society has turned over the coordination of International Barefoot Running DayTM to the world, that is anyone or any group who wants to host an IBRD event is welcome to do so and may post their event info here on this site in the IBRD forum, the country / state forum on this site where the event is to be held, the BRS’s Facebook page (, and anywhere else they feel would help them to get the word out, such as other Facebook groups and pages, barefoot and minimalist running groups' websites, running clubs' websites, newspapers, etc.

Likewise, please be sure to share your events' pictures and reports back here in the BRS's IBRD forum....