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Update on Julia Chi Taylor...she's well on her way!

Running 1,000 km across Spain barefoot to mark 59th birthday
By East Bourne Herald

A former international marathon runner has spent 52 days running across Spain barefoot through snow and rain to raise thousands for charity and mark her 59th birthday. Julia Chi Taylor, who lived in Eastbourne for 12 years but now lives as a nomad with no permanent home, is believed to be the first person to attempt this feat. Julia set off on March 23 from Suances on the northern coast of Spain and finished on May 12 - her 59th birthday - on the Southern coastal town of Almuñécar.

To continue reading, please visit: https://www.eastbourneherald.co.uk/...pain-barefoot-to-mark-59th-birthday-1-8536079
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Traction Seems Far More Consequential Than Cushioning
By trevize1138

Barefoot TJ kindly asked that I start making blog posts. I've got a few things I've posted over on reddit that made for interesting conversation so I'll start putting them up here, too.

For the most part people have a very linear view of traction: more traction is better than less traction. I'm starting to see how this issue is far more complex when it comes to running. When running on different surfaces is discussed the focus is usually on hardness but that's just one of several factors that distinguish one surface from another. If I were to break it down for concrete vs dirt singletrack I'd list the following:
  • Concrete: Smooth, level, hard and high traction
  • Dirt singletrack: Varying degrees of texture from smooth to rocky to rooted, not level, varying degrees of soft to hard and overall a...
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Barefoot Autism Challenge
By Tyler J L

since January 2018, the Autism Society of Iowa wanted people to hear about the Barefoot Autism Challenge if they haven’t already. They had me talk about it at conferences and even at the statehouse. And once the Autism Society of America shared the promotional video, it got even more people looking at it. But nothing could have prepared me for this. Erin, an associate of the Autism Society of Iowa got the idea to make my challenge be year round. And I thought it would be good not just to raise awareness, but have people do a post if they missed out on April. Especially given how others have posted before or after April. So if anyone is thinking about doing something for autism, give the #barefootautismchallenge a try
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12 hours of barefoot running by Jaipur runners Ganesha and Dharmesh

By Times of India

On Sunday morning, Ganesha & Dharmesh started their 12 hours run at SMS Stadium running track, barefoot. They started at 5 am and finished at 5 in the evening. The runners, who are part of Jaipur Runners Club have participated in many marathon in India. "It was no that easy in this hot weather running 12 hours continuously, that too barefoot. After practicing for many days, we were able to do this," Ganesha stated. To continue reading, please visit: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com...ganesha-and-dharmesh/articleshow/64447774.cms