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Flow Your Way to Happiness

By Dr. Emily Splicha, Evidence Based Fitness Academy

Flow. Animal Flow? FlowFit? Vinyasa Flow?

Everyone in the fitness industry is "flowing," but is a movement flow state the same as a mental flow or a superfluidity state?

Does flowing through a series of yoga poses do the same to the brain waves as when a base jumper jumps off a cliff or when a surfer rides a 100 foot wave?

I would argue no.

Achieving a true flow state of mind does not simply mean you are doing a movement meditation.



Flow state of mind is a higher state of consciousness that lies between the anxiety caused by a challenge being too difficult and the boredom caused by the challenge being to easy. The mental state of flow is marked by peak creativity and a timelessness that is driven by risk, deep focus, and balance between challenge and skill. And...
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"Le Tour de France" a hidden barefoot victory run
By RV.

While spending summer time in dordogne this year, .....like last year: https://www.thebarefootrunners.org/threads/summer-time-runs-in-dordogne.19696/

I was trying to have a nice barefoot run along some roads passed by "le Tour de France" cycling race. Just an hour before the race (all road closed to traffic).

The roads were prepared for days, cleaned like never before to ensure a safe race. Wasn't that perfect conditions for a barefoot run?

To my surprise, not really. They were in fact full of promotional vans and logistic or security cars linked to this hugely French mediatised sport events... The programmed barefoot long run turned to be a micro victory runs just before and during the cyclists race.

It was fun, never had a so enthusiastic public while...
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My hometown's half marathon report.
By Barefoot Gentile

It must be summer, it must be June, which means it’s time for my yearly hometown’s half marathon race report. To make it short and sweet, training was nothing magical, very low mileage hoovering around 15 – 18 miles per week. All runs were slow. I recently bought a new Garmin, the Fenix 5X, and started to play around with running by heart rate, since the watch has a built in optical HR monitor. This was my 9th consecutive year running this race, 8th time barefoot. I came in with a time of 1:50:29 which I was very pleased with considering how light my training was. I actually beat last year’s time by 2:24. How that happened I don’t know. I got about 4 hours of sleep the night before the race, for some reason I just can’t sleep before a race. The weather was beautiful and bit hot, it was close to 80 degrees at the 8AM start time. Happy...
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BRS's California-San Diego Chapter President Emilie Reas in the news!
Grandma's Marathon: San Diego runner is barefoot and injury-free

By Duluth News Tribune

On her training runs through the streets of San Diego, Emilie Reas is reminded about once every mile by passersby that she is missing her shoes. In her most recent marathon, she counted more than 40 comments spectators and runners made about her bare feet — about one per kilometer.

Reas, 35, a neuroscientist at the University of California-San Diego, has been running for more than 20 years — since high school — and most of that time was spent in shoes.

But on Saturday, she'll toe the Grandma's Marathon start line just outside of Two Harbors and run 26.2 miles down Highway 61 to the finish line in Canal Park barefoot — across hot pavement, cobblestone and debris. To continue reading, please visit:...