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Barefoot runner planning an Arctic expedition

Pique Newsmagazine

After a few years off, barefoot runner Joseph Michael Kai-Tsu Liu Roqueni is getting set to resume his Run2theEnd project.

This time, he has a strong mental-health message with him.

Liu is plotting a trek up north, set to happen this summer. However, preparations haven’t been easy as he suffered a significant snowboarding injury three years ago that left him with chronic spinal pain.

It took Liu, who moved to Canmore, Alta. in 2019 after struggling to find housing in Whistler, nearly a year to recover from his injury, but he is back up and running.

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Grondahl: Let us now praise barefoot running
Albany Times Union

Rik Scarce displays his minimalist running and hiking shoes after spending seven years traveling widely to research the barefoot running shoe debate among podiatrists, scientists and competitive runners. -Paul Grondahl / Times Union

AVERILL PARK — The first thing I did when I met Rik Scarce for our interview on a sunny Monday afternoon was to kick off my running shoes.

You don’t wear a pair of Asics to hear a hosanna to barefoot running.

And so, I proceeded unshod. The wooden deck felt cool and smooth beneath my soles. A slight breeze brushed my toes.

It was the third day of spring and going barefoot after a long and hard coronavirus winter had put, well, a spring in my step.

Scarce had arrayed on a table a sampling of his minimalist running shoes, from sandals to Vibram's FiveFinger running shoes that look like gorilla feet. All were...
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Goshen Movie
Tarahumara Raramuri People of Raramuri of Chihuahua, Mexico

Credit:, Kristine De Abreu

Deep in the Copper Mountains of Mexico is the key to all our health problems. The world is wrought with disease and decreasing life expectancy, the unfortunate result of our dependence on consumerism and easy living. But we weren’t always that way. Humans were built to exercise, to move, to be strong and live in the wild. The Tarahumara, also known as the Raramuri of Chihuahua, Mexico, are outstanding examples of how we can live differently.

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Following criticism for wearing Vaporflys, South African breaks record barefoot

Mbuleli Mathanga received a lot of flack for wearing Vaporflys in a recent track race, so he went shoeless at his next meet
By Canadian Running Magazine

After a recent 5,000m race in Durban, South Africa, a runner named Mbuleli Mathanga faced criticism for wearing Nike Vaporflys in a win that saw him run a personal best of 13:47.23. Under World Athletics rules, Vaporflys aren’t permitted in track races, although this was a restriction Mathanga didn’t know about until after his run. At his next race, a 10,000m also held in Durban, Mathanga took the rules into consideration and opted not to wear any shoes. Running barefoot, he raced to a provincial 10,000m record of 28:24.93, silencing anyone who was still upset about his 5,000m result from a few...