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Running Bare(footed)
By Hank (Gigowiz) Greer

I filled out the registration form and reached the part where it said, “Indicate if you will be running nude. You may change your mind later if you wish.”Oh, I'll be nude, I thought, And then some. I had recently taken up barefoot running, and I thought this would be the consummate race for running with bare feet.I circled “yes”, completed the rest of the form and mailed it in with a check for the registration fee. Then I asked myself, Do I have the cohones to run in the nude? I still had a month and a half to decide—well into the future. For the time being, though, I felt pretty confident about wearing my birthday suit in the 25th Bare Buns Fun Run.

I wasn't familiar with...
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Anna McDuff runs London Marathon barefoot in 3 hours 44 minutes
By Runners World

As if running 26.2 miles wasn’t hard enough, Anna McDuff ran the whole thing barefoot and was still smiling at the finish line.

Proving that the human body doesn't always need super shoes, McDuff ran a time of 3h44m. Not that we'd encourage runners to take on the streets of London today with no shoes, her time goes to show what anyone is capable of if they really want it.

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Global adventurer Anna McNuff, 34, aims to run more than 2,500 miles across the UK...
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IBRD is right around the corner--
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24 horas en punto de Pinto
By Ares Descalzo

It was less than 1 year that I had managed to reach 102 km in a little less than 13h unofficially, since I did it one day that I planned, without circuit, time, refreshments or anything planned, just me and my backpack with a Little clothes, water and food.

It was a few days that I began to think about participating in a 24-hour test and it was chosen because it was in my city. Maybe it was not the best decision because I did it without knowing the type of terrain I was going to find, hehehe. But it does not matter because what I'm looking for is the greatest possible adaptation for my feet and in the end it was worth it.

I will not talk about the preparation I have been doing for this race but I will say for those who do not know that I have been barefoot for 3 years and more than 2 barefoot in my daily life almost all the time and that is very useful and...