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Mankato Half Marathon - Oct 19, 2019
By trevize1138

This was the first half I'd run in about 7 years. The last time I ran it I had my trusty old Asics on, did a 2:03 and was limping for a week. After I recovered from that I tried to get back into training and ended up with shin splints thanks to my stomping overstrides. It was the painful beginning of my minimalist journey because I knew there had to be a better way.

This Saturday ended up being a nice end cap to my minimalist/unshod "transition" these last 7 years. I did the whole 13.1 miles over rough chip seal pavement, scored up pavement under construction and gravel all in the rain totally unshod and ended up finishing in 1:46. It was the longest distance I'd ever run at that fast of a pace and it was so much fun.

My original plan for the weekend was entirely different a few months ago. I was already signed up...
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'I ran the length of the British mainland barefoot’
By BBC Radio

A runner from London who believes trainers are bad for your feet, decided to prove it by running the length of the British mainland without wearing any shoes.

Tony Riddle told 5 Live’s Anna Foster he ran barefoot from Land's End to John O'Groats to “show what we’re capable of”.

He argues that trainers interfere with how the body is designed to move and said, “the more and more you expose your feet, we just adapt”.

Originally from BBC Radio 5 Live Drive with Anna Foster and Tony Livesey.

Release date:
15 October 2019

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FUNDRAISER TIME! Get Out Of Jail Free Card
Support Your Club [​IMG]


Thank you so much BareFootHeath for contributing this very clever slogan and artwork! We appreciate you! Members, you can use this artwork to make a card to show anyone, police included, who stops you to harass you about your running barefoot. Tell them to contact TJ!

****With a major site and modules upgrade on...
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Marathon de Camargue 2019
By Lambda

Ce samedi avait lieu, dans le cadre du Grand Raid de Camargue, le Marathon de Camargue, dont on a pris le départ avec @GT179.
Comptes rendus et photos à venir, un peu plus tard dans la semaine en ce qui me concerne.

On y a rencontré Nathalie, qui court pieds nus et en sandales, et Tristan, qui court en minimalistes (Altra), que l'on croisera peut-être sur ce forum, et/ou à Onnion dans deux semaines.

En attendant, voilà le parcours enregistré par mon GPS.