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She's Done It!
Anna McNuff has run BAREFOOT the length of Britain -- from Scotland (Shetland Isles) to Britain (London)

Over the course of five months, global adventurer Anna McNuff has run the distance of 90 marathons (2,352 miles) completely barefoot across the British Isles. The 34-year-old began her Barefoot Britain journey on June 2, 2019, in the Shetland Islands and finished in London on November 17, 2019, battling razor-blade coastlines, mucky farmland and pebble beaches along the way. To read more, please check out these articles (The press coverage is incredible!) and this podcast:
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Berkeley Half Marathon 2019
By Efrem

I ran it and had fun. I ran it in 1:46, which was a pace of about 8:06 min/mile. That was an ok time for me, but not bad considering my current fitness. I've been running barefoot for about 15 years now but for the last several months I've been run 10 miles a week or less and my runs are about 3-6 miles. However, all of my running is on steep hills and rocky trails around where I live.

The course was moderately hilly for the first 6 miles or so, then mostly flat the rest if the way. I was not wearing a watch so I have no data to show. Physically, other than slightly sore feet I feel great. To me this was my main achievement -- To be able to run this kind of distance on technique alone, without being in top shape.

I would give this course a barefoot-rating of 7/10. It was all on asphalt. Some of the roads were a little rough but no harsh gravel. I saw one other...
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Barefoot Ken Bob's Nike Free Barefoot Running Event, Huntington Beach, California
By The Original Barefoot Running Site

I learned of this recently from a member here (news gets around here...eventually), and thought, "Nike collaborating with Barefoot Ken Bob! Did hell freeze over?!" Ken Bob said it would be fine to share this with you all. Check it out!

While you're at it, check out his site. He has tons of interesting stuff there:

Nike Free Barefoot Running Event, Huntington Beach, California

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This article appeared on my news feed. For some reason I get articles regarding barefoot activities. Go figure. It is published by a Dure, a magazine that started in 2018, but the article doesn't have a date. The article mentions among many things: That the biggest community of Barefoot runners must be the Barefoot Runners Society and quotes barefoot TJ among other barefoot celebrities. Check it out at: