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This article appeared on my news feed. For some reason I get articles regarding barefoot activities. Go figure. It is published by a Dure, a magazine that started in 2018, but the article doesn't have a date. The article mentions among many things: That the biggest community of Barefoot runners must be the Barefoot Runners Society and quotes barefoot TJ among other barefoot celebrities. Check it out at:
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This years races, from 10k to a full, and some new PRs
By Ttristan

I hadn't got around to posting about some of my earlier races, so thought I'd combine them all into one. This will be a long post! This year I set out early in the year to train for a spring half marathon - using an actual plan for the first time. I tried to follow Hal Higdon's advanced half marathon plan. In the plan it's suggested to do a 5, 10, and 15k races working up to the half. I ended up with a 5k and two 10k races, though I'll skip over the 5k race in this report since several of us thought we were at the turn around and ended up severely shorting the course! Whoopsie! Training went fairly well, though some of my training was with minimalist shoes since it was early in February. I had to really juggle many of the workout around my work schedule though, doing 1/4mi sprints at fast pace just wasn't a good idea after sitting in...
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A Cold Weather Hike
By Hikerdana

My youngest child belongs to a boys group called Royal Rangers. As part of the advancement system they are required to attend various activities with the outpost. For this month I would be required to accompany him on a 5 mile hike up Mt. Hedgehog in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA. IF I didn’t go, he couldn’t go and wouldn’t earn this quarters badge since I had already opted out of the overnight campout. My big question was should I attempt this hike barefoot?

The trail conditions for the area said the trails were all clear of snow and the weather forecast was for temps to be above 40° F in the nearest town. No snow was encouraging, but still colder than I normally walk around unshod. I look at my dwindling shoe collection and realize I have several nice pairs of barefoot style shoes, but my summer hiking boots have all worn out and been tossed, except...
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This occasion is worthy of this *spectacular* video:

Note: Technically, our birthday was yesterday. Oops!