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International Barefoot Running Day

As you most likely have gathered, the Barefoot Runners Society has turned over the coordination of International Barefoot Running DayTM to the world, that is anyone or any group who wants to host an IBRD event is welcome to do so and may post their event info here on this site in the IBRD forum, the country / state forum on this site where the event is to be held, the BRS’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/barefootrunnerssociety), and anywhere else they feel would help them to get the word out, such as other Facebook groups and pages, barefoot and minimalist running groups' websites, running clubs' websites, newspapers, etc.

Likewise, please be sure to share your events' pictures and reports back here in the BRS's IBRD forum....
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Long Haul 100, January 16, 2023
By OneBiteAtATime

Cliff notes: Best race of my life. 19:32:59. Almost nothing went wrong, almost everything went right.

Ultrarunning, in general, is a pretty selfish activity. There’s certainly a community, team aspect to it; but ultimately it’s you, and the time you are spending away from family and friends pursuing… what? The vast majority of us will never stand atop a podium. Really, what is the point of all this?

I used to do race reports after each ultra – also pretty self-centered. Superior Trail 100 in 2017 was the first I didn’t write. Frankly, Superior took me over 35 hours to finish, I saw the sun set twice with no sleep and it left me with a broken big toe (which still hurts some 5 1/2 years later). Superior ground me out. I made a few attempts to write one, but just couldn’t.

Since then, although running 6 more ultra-events including (3) 100-mile finishes,...
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[Barefoot] Lymington athlete Valeria Sesto wins Maratón del Desierto in Argentina
By Advertiser and Times

LYMINGTON-based athlete Valeria Sesto made it a happy return to her country of birth, winning the Maratón del Desierto in Argentina.

The desert marathon, which snakes along the Argentine Sea off the Atlantic coast of Argentina, forces the athletes to tackle long, high dunes.

The elite athlete, who has competed at the highest levels while winning international events and a world championship, chose to run barefoot, comfortably beating every other woman present.

To continure reading, please visit: https://www.advertiserandtimes.co.uk/sport/lymingtons-sesto-storms-sandy-marathon-9293515/...
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