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1812 Challenge & Half Maraton
August 27, 2017

By Tristan

This race is a favorite of mine, and still the only one I've done in my home state of NY. It honors the War of 1812, and the race finishes on the battlefield in Sackets Harbor. The town was a key Navy shipyard and it's headquarters for the Great Lakes. This will be my third time at the event, but for the first time I only entered the half marathon. I hadn't kept up with my running like I should have through the summer, and went over a month with my longest runs of only 5 or 6 miles. In the 3-4 weeks prior to the race I did work back up to a couple 10 milers and just a few short sprint workouts too. I knew I'd be really hurting if I did the 18 miler (knowing myself I would still try to race it hard). Still I was feeling pretty good t, and very excited to see what I could do in the half marathon after having broke my personal best back in April by...​
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Vermont man sets world record for barefoot running

An astonishing record was set on the University of Vermont's track Sunday. Runner Teage O'Connor finished 62 miles in just over 7 hours, breaking ... To continue reading, please visit:

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I'd like to introduce one of our newest members who is on a journey to run barefoot around the world... Everyone, please welcome Julia Chi Taylor!

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The Zen of barefoot running
By Julia Chi

I am a barefoot running nomad, journeying around the globe, the planet my home… I love to run.

I have been running all of my life, following the running road wherever it has led me… From the early days as a young teenager when I raced around a grass track in my bare feet, to running at top level, my first international race a 5k X country competition in Spain, to posting a marathon best time of 2.36.31 in the 1986 London marathon.

I have traveled the world all of my life, loving running wherever I am, in races, or just exploring the towns and countryside and beaches I pass through as I journey.

Both my running and working in the lives of others as their mentor, coach, and guide...
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Barefoot and ASD
By Trevize1138

Something I wrote up and posted to /r/aspergers Friday. Thought I'd share here, too:

This is just a hypothesis I've been kicking around in my head lately. I've been using myself and my 9yo ASD daughter as examples and test cases. The connection between ASD and running occurred to me this spring watching my daughter during a fun run for school.

She stepped a bit wrong, her shoe snagged on the rubber track a bit and it twisted her knee. It was a very minor sprain and she was fine a few hours later but it was a bit too familiar to my own childhood: always a bit clumsy.

I've been running pretty much my whole life and had a love/hate relationship with it because I'd get injured all the time: twisted ankles, shin splints, pulled hamstrings, pulled calves, metatarsal extensor tendonitis ... I quit running for the first time after I graduated high school...