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En la época del carbono, una atleta gana descalza el Cross de Girona

By Corredor

En los tiempos de las zapatillas con fibra de carbono, la revolución tecnológica en el material para correr y el debate entre aquellos que consideran legal esta evolución y los que se oponen a ella, la atleta catalana Douae Ouboukir ha sorprendido a todos con una victoria en el Cross Ciutat de Girona al hacerlo descalza. Como lo escuchan. La atleta, especialista en 3.000 metros obstáculos, venció en la prueba de 4.770 metros por delante de Irene Bonafonte y Marina Guerrero, dos atletas también de alto nivel en la comunidad catalana.

Ouboukir, que fue sexta en el pasado Campeonato de España de Atletismo celebrado en La Nucía en los 3.000 metros obstáculos, es una habitual en los pódiums en las carreras de Girona y Cataluña. Sin...
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World’s only Barefoot Marathon at Pollibetta, Kodagu, India on December 8
By Star of Mysore

The 5th Edition of the world’s only Barefoot Marathon for the people of Kodagu will take place at Pollibetta in Kodagu on Dec.8, under the joint aegis of The Coorg Wellness Foundation and Milind Soman.

The category-wise prize money is as follows: 42-km: Rs.42,000 – 1st place and Rs.30,000 – 2nd place; 21-km: Rs.21,000 – 1st place and Rs.12,000 – 2nd place; 10-km: Rs.10,000 – 1st place and Rs.7,000 – 2nd place; 5-km: Rs.5,000 – 1st place and Rs.2,000 – 2nd place; 1.5-km: Medals only.

Only fully barefoot runners and local residents of Kodagu will receive cash awards; Non-resident winners of the above categories will be given goodie bags with local produce. Any form of transport to complete the run will immediately disqualify eligibility of cash award.

To learn more, please visit:...
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Solo runner's quest for health

(solo run of 1850 kms from Bengaluru to Varanasi touching six states)
Deccan Chronicle

Giridhar Kamath with his tagline Swasth Raho, Mast Raho is a solo runner and Ambassador of Pinkathon Bengaluru. Known for running marathons barefoot this 49-year-old is a toy manufacturer from Bengaluru. He recently participated in a solo run of 1850 kilometers from Bengaluru to Varanasi touching six states while proclaiming the importance of health. To continue reading, please visit:

Solo runner's quest for...
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Impressive Feet
By Woodstock Independent

Currently the holder of five titles in the Guinness World Records, Woodstock resident Salacnib “Sonny” Molina attempted last week to claim a sixth.

Surrounded by family and friends at Snap Fitness, 1400 N. Seminary Ave., Molina set the course on which he hoped to walk barefoot into the pages of history – a course paved with Lego bricks.

Molina is an experienced barefoot runner.

“I started barefoot running seven years ago,” Molina said. “My feet hurt before, and when I ran barefoot, my pain was gone.”

But as a man who defines himself by his determination, Molina began breaking records in 2016, setting three that year: most half marathons completed in a month by a male (17), most barefoot half marathons run on consecutive days by a male (11), and most barefoot half marathons completed in a month by a male (17).

He quickly followed that up by most...