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Rewild Your Life: How Modern Life Has Knocked Our Biology out of Sync

A growing tribe of fitness experts believes that modern life has turned us into “zoo humans”, but would returning to the behaviours of our ancestors really make us happier?
By Men's Health

Bear-hugging somebody you’ve never met is not natural, regardless of social-distancing rules. Certainly not in London, where you don’t even make eye contact with strangers. Yet, a little while before lockdown, Tony Riddle, also known as “the Natural Life-Stylist”, greets me open-armed outside Highgate Men’s Pond. The rising sun is glinting orange off the frost-covered grass. I’m glad of the body heat.

I’m no stranger to ice baths and cryotherapy, which have become cool in fitness circles. Still, I’m...
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Xero Shoes is giving away a pair of YOUR CHOICE minimalist footwear to one lucky winner this month!

Your Choice_Tree Story.png

Be sure to check out this great video of Steven explaining why the health of our feet is so important and how traditional shoes can destroy your foot health, then spread the word to all those you know:

Do your feet feel better at the end of the day than they did at the beginning?

If not, it's because your shoes aren't letting your feet do what's NATURAL.

Your feet are made to bend, flex, move and FEEL the world. One-quarter of the bones and joints in your ENTIRE body are in your feet and ankles; you have more nerve endings in your soles than anywhere but your finger tips and lips.

Comfort and performance come from using your...
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Major Chris Brannigan completes 700 mile barefoot walk
By Andover Advertiser

AN ARMY major has completed his mission to walk barefoot from Land’s End to Edinburgh to fund the research and development of a gene therapy treatment to help his daughter.

Major Chris Brannigan, who is based at Tidworth Garrison, set off on his 700 mile journey in July and reached his destination on August 12.

His eight-year-old daughter Hasti was diagnosed with the disorder Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) in 2018, which currently has no cure or treatment.

In March, he set up CdLS Hope for Hasti, a charity aiming to fund the research and development of a ground breaking gene therapy treatment for children suffering from the disease.

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By Neil_D

On a beautiful winters day in Adelaide I had a call from regular barefoot runner David who asked if I would stand in for one of their relay team that had dropped out. No problem I said and took the details down for the run on a Saturday afternoon.
I had the idea that it would be an easy jog around the Victoria Park in the centre of the city and as it was only a 3km run I thought I'd better get a morning run in.
I headed down to the beach and put in a 10km run and put in a good effort. I have found since a cold earlier in the year my lungs have not been at full capacity, it clogged my lungs up for weeks, whether it was Covid-19 I don't know as I have not had a test to find out.
The afternoon race was at 1pm and I felt a little tired after the 10km but got to the park and found it was going to be a seriously competitive race.
It was a 1.5km loop 2 times and I was the 3rd runner in the...