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Barefoot trail running during the pandemic
By Visions of Asia

Long time no see... Sorry guys, 2020 has been a disastrous year in terms of physical fitness for me. Whereas, during 2019, I had grown my barefoot fitness to be able to run a semi-marathon, the constraints in terms of public health, but also some personal circumstances (my father had a stroke at the start of 2020 and was quite frequently hospitalized the whole year) made it rather disastrous for me.

Nevertheless, the arrival of the Pfizer vaccine in HK combined with the fact that the pandemic has almost no incidence now in the city allows slowly to resume competitions.

When I say competitions, it is a big word as I generally end... among the last. Nevertheless, good to push yourself from time to time. Barefooting did not take a back seat though, as I kept walking, hiking etc, barefoot. With all this, I am now nearing 4...
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Becky’s Walk 5K
Saturday August 21st, 2021
Rangely, CO United States

By stjohnthegambler

This race, like most things here in Rangely, Colorado, is not that well organized, at least in the ‘sign up’ and ‘get the word out’ stage. But, I’m here, on a cool overcast Saturday morning, which in August, around here, in the high desert of Colorado, is a blessing. The ladies at the check-in desk are all friendly, and even know my name, which happens in a small town. Except to me: I can’t remember names at all, to an embarrassing degree.

This is a 5K run/walk. Becky’s Walk. Third annual. Benefit for Multiple Sclerosis. Becky was a local. I think this is put on by her relatives. There are only only 25 folks signed up total, which seems a shame. I know there are some runners in town who aren’t here. Ah well. I’m first to arrive, so I get the number one bib! Ha!...
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Mon but pour la course du matin : éviter d'écraser des limaces / My goal for the morning run: to avoid crushing slugs
By Andre2 / swiss barefootrunner

ENGLISH below...

J'ai pour habitude de faire une course quotidienne (environ 5 Km) dans des chemins de forêt, tôt le matin.

Problème : c'est souvent l'heure que choisissent les limaces pour se promener.

Le contact de ces trucs froids et gélatineux avec mes pieds nus déclenche un tel dégout que mon réflexe est le même que si je sentais un cailloux douloureux, mis à part qu'ensuite je secoue immédiatement le pied pour en décoller le pauvre invertébré...

Donc mon but lors de ces sorties est surtout d'éviter au maximum ces limaces, ce qui est un bon exercice d'adresse et de coordination, l'air de...