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WATCH: South African triple jumper runs barefoot 100m in 10.40 seconds
Canadian Running Magazine

Lleyton Davids ran faster than any Canadian has yet this year–without spikes

Competing at a track meet in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Sunday, a South African athlete named Lleyton Davids ran a sub-11-second 100m, running barefoot. A video posted by AIS Athletics (the athletics academy that hosted the meet) shows Davids flying toward the finish and crossing the line in second place. To make his run even more impressive, Davids is a triple jumper (he’s the two-time reigning South African champion), and sprinting isn’t even his main focus.

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He took his shoes off 20 years ago.
He hasn't put them back on

By Today Online

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT (United States) — A few years back, Mr Joseph DeRuvo Jr made a quick stop at an upscale supermarket to buy eggs and was stopped in the dairy aisle by a store manager. “You’re not wearing shoes,” he recalled the manager saying to him.

He was right. Mr DeRuvo wasn’t wearing shoes. He almost never does.

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He took his shoes off 20 years ago. He hasn't put them back on - Today Online
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TikTok celebrity athlete Barefoot Rom reveals the secrets behind his success as he prepares to run the Jerusalem Winner Marathon

Weather is snow problem!
Meet Israel’s barefoot running sensation
By The Jewish Chronicle

He’s a TikTok celebrity and former Israeli special forces soldier who promotes a positive body image to young people around the world — and does it all barefoot.

Be it snow, rocks or the hot sand of the desert, Barefoot Rom — as he calls himself — says he can run on any terrain, but you will normally find him running on Tel Aviv beach.

“We do not need shoes, it’s a gimmick. I have run so much now my soles are hardened and I do not feel a thing, not even glass. Even in the snow your body knows how to regulate itself,” he says.

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Sunday, May 7, 2023

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