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12 hours of barefoot running by Jaipur runners Ganesha and Dharmesh

By Times of India

On Sunday morning, Ganesha & Dharmesh started their 12 hours run at SMS Stadium running track, barefoot. They started at 5 am and finished at 5 in the evening. The runners, who are part of Jaipur Runners Club have participated in many marathon in India. "It was no that easy in this hot weather running 12 hours continuously, that too barefoot. After practicing for many days, we were able to do this," Ganesha stated. To continue reading, please visit: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com...ganesha-and-dharmesh/articleshow/64447774.cms
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My story of 30 straight years sub 3 in the marathon
By LetsRun.com


From Dr. Mark: Lots of chatter from the message boarders. In this forum where rarely a kind word is said there were actually some nice comments :) Post in if you can!

To read the full article, please visit: http://www.letsrun.com/news/2018/05...n-mark-cucuzzella-looking-extend-epic-streak/
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Capital City 1/2 Marathon '18
By Tristan

It's been a while since I raced... last September. Winter, like usual, was mostly all just easy runs, with occasional long-ish runs. But early in 2018 I started devising a plan to rock this half marathon that was April 28th. For the first time ever I was debating following a real training plan. Well ok, I did debate such a thing once before, but quickly dismissed as I'd never be able to follow it with my hectic schedule. Still the same schedule is an issue, but over the years I've managed my time a little better and also have become a much better runner. Another big factor, this time attempting to train I am single. While it's not the relationship status I want, it does certainly free up a lot of time and allow me to postpone various housework and not get yelled at. :p So I decided to go for Hal Higdon's advanced plan. It might have been a bit much, but I felt I...​
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Slightly Belated Race Report
By Macdiver

A little background first. I chose to run a spring marathon this year to force myself to run through the winter. Normally I take off from November till March-ish. To run in the cold I was using a pair of moccasins (really $20 bed room slippers) that were some sort of leather with rubber glued to the bottom. After several runs in wet conditions they fell apart so I bought a pair of Xero Genesis. On cold days I wore wool socks and would push the sock between the toe for the toe strap. I had no issues with chaffing.

Since this marathon had about 14 miles or so on gravel I wore the Xero Shoes for the marathon. This was my first marathon not being completely barefoot.

The marathon was on April 22 hence the title of the thread. For reference regarding the pacer, Boston was 6 days before my marathon.

Some notes, this report is a copy...