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French physician travels to Edinburgh to complete his 109th barefoot marathon

By Edinburgh News

Sidy Diallo, 67, from France, is a physician and barefoot runner that has completed a total of 345 marathons from across the globe. Sidy has travelled to Edinburgh to tackle his 109th 26.2 mile run without any footwear.

He first started running barefoot in 2015 after being inspired by the history of the origin of the sport. He said: “It is just natural biology and human instinct to run without shoes.

“I just try to live like our ancestors, which is only natural. We should be running like hunters, it is the only way of life. We were trained by our ancestors when they hunted for prey barefooted.”

To continue reading, please visit: https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman....-complete-his-109th-barefoot-marathon-3712699...
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Giveaway Contest! FullSoul Running Pads
Expires Friday, May 20, 2022, Noon EST

For all who love barefoot as the most original form of movement, but want to avoid dirty soles, cuts and slanted looks! The runningpad is an ultra minimalist and elegant "barefoot shoe", made from one piece of thin leather, without seams, rivets or glue. Through fine straps the leather sole nestles up against the foot like a second skin.

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runningpads and human motion
The idea for the fullsoul runningpad came from the passionate long-distance, mountain and barefoot runner Dr. Martin Daumer, inspired by the evolutionary-biologically based hypothesis that man is "born to run" - as a high-temperature...
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So... How did 2022 International Barefoot Running Day Go?!
Sunday, May 1, 2022

This is the First year since the conception of IBRD that the BRS did not oversee/organize the many events that take place during IBRD. We had hoped that the group that stepped up to take it over would have done so this year, but alas, perhaps next year.

Regardless, we still would like to see and hear how your IBRD went, and if you have any pictures, please post them below.
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NT Alberto Perusset: Among many other things, Malibu Half Marathon and 5K co-founder Alberto Perusset was known for staying at the finish line and handing out medals to finishers. Photo by Erica Segel.

Malibu’s ‘barefoot runner’ is fondly remembered
By Judy Abel for The Malibu Times

Alberto Perusset was known as Malibu’s “barefoot runner,” but he was so much more.

The co-founder of the Malibu Half Marathon and 5K, who passed away unexpectedly in December, was remembered with a celebration of life at Zuma Beach recently. His loss has left a gaping hole in the running community he mentored.

Perusset arrived in the U.S. from Argentina in 1988. He had been a professional scuba diver and an endurance athlete. His achievements were vast. Before the age of 20 he accomplished a 19-hour swim between Uruguay and Buenos Aires. By the time he got to Malibu 20 years ago he became the community’s...