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BRS Member, Bare Lee was interviewed for this article. Thanks Bare Lee!

Why should Minnesotans run in wool socks and no shoes? Ask the Finns
A wintertime version of barefoot running, running in the snow in wool socks is Finland's latest export.
By Richard Chin Star Tribune

Who needs snowshoes? A few pairs of wool socks are all you need to run in the snow, according to Finnish wool sock running enthusiasts.

If you've ever run or walked along a beach without shoes, you know the tactile pleasure of firm sand squishing under your bare feet.

It turns out that you can almost re-create that feeling right here in Minnesota, even in the middle of winter.

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Barefoot half-marathon records goes down again
By Canadian Running Magazine

We encourage everyone to get outside and run in the winter, with one golden rule: layer up. As long as you’ve got the right gear, winter running can actually be quite enjoyable. But while most of us are pulling on our thermal tights and socks, there are a few runners who have been doing the exact opposite. In the last few weeks, the barefoot half-marathon on snow record has come down not once, not twice, but three times, after being left untouched for years. The most recent attempt was done by Max Weigand in Basil, Switzerland, where he smashed the most recent record by 28 minutes, completing the 21.1-kilometre distance in 1:12:38.

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Quebec-based runner posts 1:40 barefoot half marathon to set world record
By Canadian Running Magazine

Spring may be on its way, but it still feels like winter in much of the country. Instead of wishing for warmer days, Quebec resident Karim El Hayani embraced the cold and recently set a world record for the fastest barefoot half-marathon on snow or ice. El Hayani, who is originally from Spain, ran just north of Quebec City on and around Lake Beauport, completing the 21.1K run in 1:40:49 to break the previous record by five minutes.

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