by trevize1138 at 8:31 AM
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Mankato Marathon: Not Every Finish is Guaranteed
By Trevize1138

Yesterday was my second year doing the Mankato, MN Marathon. Just like last year I did it unshod. My primary goal was just to beat last year's time of 4:28, which was also my first completed marathon. Prior to that I'd attempted to finish the Maah Daah Hey Trail Run marathon distance and DNF'd at mile 20. My secondary goal was to break 4:00. I failed both.

It was a shame because I had a PB for the first 1/2 at 1:59 so I can at least finally say I've run a sub-2hr 1/2. I really want to race a 1/2 again sometime to see just how fast I can do that when I'm not pacing myself to do a 2nd one right after it.

This was also the 3rd marathon+ distance I'd done since July 7 when...
by Tedlet at 8:01 AM
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Perkins Great Eastern Run
By Tedlet

Earlier this year I decided I was brave enough to enter my first half marathon which took place this last weekend on Sunday 14th Oct. -The Perkins Great Eastern Run.

It's a flat course around the city and streets of Peterborough in the UK.
My partner has run it in previous years (shod) and I've always had that 'itchy feet' feeling that I'd like to run it, but until I started running barefoot I know I would have struggled badly with knee pain. Having steadily increased my BF distance however I decided it was time to take the plunge!

I trained reasonably consistently during the 3-4 months prior to the race, basically running every other day, with weekend sessions being the longest run and the mid-week sessions being shorter. Prior to race day my furthest distance was 18km. So I knew that the final 3km of the 21km half marathon on race day would be unchartered territory...
by Tristan at 6:28 PM
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Hiking Sawteeth Mountain
By Tristan

I recently posted about my long 5-day hike in the Adirondacks, but that was not the only hike there I did this summer. I was on vacation and visited the area again in September with my parents on a short camping trip, and couldn't wait to get back to the mountains! Mom and I decided to go for a day-hike one of the days we were there. We settled on a hike of Sawteeth Mountain, a good long dayhike and rumored to be very scenic with many outlooks along the trail. It did not disappoint!

The forecast for the day was one of the hottest days this summer. The nearby village of Keene Valley had a forecasted high of 93F with a heat index of 98. I didn't even know it ever got that hot in the mountains! But we were pretty stuck with the day we had chosen. And the hike we chose was not necessarily a modest one, though it was just one mountain it was still a long...​
by Christian Lemburg at 12:19 PM
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Barefoot on Goat Fell (Arran)
By Christian Lemburg

In early June this year, I had the opportunity to hike up Goat Fell (874m), the highest mountain on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. We took the short route via Corrie, so it was nearly all straight up and down, very little level walking. This was my first real mountain barefoot hike, and it went very well. The path is quite steep, and the upper half is rocks only, with some scrambling. On top of Goat Fell, great views, very rewarding - if you are on Arran, give it a try!

The way up was not a big deal, but I really felt my legs on the way down, due to the need to lower myself very carefully on each step. On the last hour down, rain started to fall, which really slowed me down as I was afraid of slipping on muddy rocks. However, apart from stubbing my toes once or twice, I got away without injuries, and felt great.

Lots of comments from other walkers,...