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TikTok celebrity athlete Barefoot Rom reveals the secrets behind his success as he prepares to run the Jerusalem Winner Marathon

Weather is snow problem!
Meet Israel’s barefoot running sensation
By The Jewish Chronicle

He’s a TikTok celebrity and former Israeli special forces soldier who promotes a positive body image to young people around the world — and does it all barefoot.

Be it snow, rocks or the hot sand of the desert, Barefoot Rom — as he calls himself — says he can run on any terrain, but you will normally find him running on Tel Aviv beach.

“We do not need shoes, it’s a gimmick. I have run so much now my soles are hardened and I do not feel a thing, not even glass. Even in the snow your body knows how to regulate itself,” he says.

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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Be sure to get out there and run with your groups, friends, and family! Have fun. Be safe. And be sure to share your pictures and reports here!
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Boston Success!
By The Ramzev

Hi friends! I did what I never thought I’d have the chance to do, I ran Boston Marathon barefoot! It was a cool, overcast day with an occasional light rain so the conditions were perfecto for a 26.2 mile jaunt through the countryside!
My longest training run was just over 15 miles so I was definitely in unchartered territory. But I felt good almost the entire race, my walking breaks got a bit longer miles 16-20 but I was trying to conserve energy for the hills after mile 20. Once I was past Heartbreak and I only had about a 5k left, that was probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. I was hoping for less than 5.5 hours, I got 4:52.

I’m honestly only able to post this because of the people here. Though I’m not around much any more, this is my base, my people. We all grew up learning barefoot together starting over 14 years ago. This race is for all you crazy effers out...
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Photo by Guillaume Flandre on Unsplash

Running Tips From Barefoot Runners
What all runners can learn from taking our shoes off. Post 1 of 3
By BRS Member, N. L. Coto, PhD

Remember barefoot running? How about when everyone was wearing those funny looking five-toed shoes? It’s been a while. Over ten years to be exact.

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What is barefoot running?

Barefoot running is exactly what it sounds like: running in your bare feet, skin-to-ground.

However, some shoe companies advertise their...