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Race Report: Afton Trail Run 50k
By Trevize1138

My first test of my year without metrics is done and the tl;dr for this race is a 20 minute improvement over last year's time at 6:24 vs 6:44 in 2018. I also did roughly 20/31 of the miles unshod, ditching my trusty Luna Origens after the first 11 miles due to slipping around underfoot from humidity.

The course is a 25k loop done twice and I noticed on that first lap that tecent rains had created a few spots of mud and lots of tacky dirt and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. There was also about 3-4 miles of fairly rough gravel I wasn't looking forward to but I figured suffering through that was worth it for the rest of the tactile experience.

Curiously enough, those rough gravel...
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The BRS is delighted to be supporting Anna McNuff in her incredible #BarefootBritain challenge, in which she will attempt to run 100 marathons along the length of Britain, completely barefoot! Anna will encounter every kind of terrain - sand and rocks, marshes and woods, uplands and lowlands, highways and byways – taking it all in her unshod stride. If ever a challenge existed to prove to the world that barefoot is best, this is it!

We can all help her along the way. Below is a message from the #BarefootBritain team that explains how…

“It's so good to hear from fellow Barefoot runners, I know Anna loves the running community and will be so happy that fellow barefoot warriors are behind her.

There are lots of ways you can get involved - you can sign up to run alongside her, take a look at the calendar...
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Can you run fast barefoot? This guy can!

The Barefoot Contestant
The Adirondack Daily Enterprise

LAKE PLACID — Most people will never run a marathon, or even a half marathon. But one Capital Region man ran a half marathon on Sunday while wearing no shoes.

Bill Hoffman finished the Lake Placid Half Marathon running barefoot. Hoffman finished the 13.1-mile race 42nd overall in 1 hour, 40 minutes and 55.9 seconds. The Clifton Park resident said he couldn’t run until less than a decade ago, but now that he goes without shoes, he has finished dozens of ultra marathons. To continue reading, please visit......
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The Extramilest Interviews Dr. Mark Cucuzzella Podcast

From Dr. Mark Cucuzzella:

Fun to be on the my friend Floris Gierman’s show The Extramilest.

See story we did on Floris a couple years back on Getting Fast by Running Slow: http://naturalrunningcenter.com/2017/08/20/floris-gierman-aka-florrest-gump-fast-running-slow/ Tune into his amazing show.

Here is our episode. Check out the extensive show notes and links. Thanks Floris for the privilege!: https://extramilest.com/blog/mark-cucuzzella/...