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Santiago de Compostella Barefoot / Compostelle à pieds nus.

By Christian Pinon

English version below

Après 97 jours et 2500 km de marche à pieds nus j'ai rejoint St-Jacques-de-Compostelle et le cap Finisterre au départ de mon domicile à Court-St-Etienne (Belgique).

Pour pouvoir réaliser ce défi je suis parti avec 4 ans d’expérience en course à pieds nus.

Durant ce périple je n'ai eu aucun incident majeur. Aucun éclat de verre, un éclat métallique sans gravité et peu d'échardes. Une écharde, que je n'ai pas trouvé, m'a posé quelques soucis. Après deux jours il s'est formé une cloche/ampoule derrière les orteils, là où la peau est encore tendre. Avec un médecin nous avons décidé d'ouvrir celle-ci dans l'espoir de trouver l'écharde. Il ne l'a pas trouvée mais je n'avais plus de douleur lancinante et j'ai donc pu reprendre la marche. Cela a toutefois demandé de l'attention pour protéger la...
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Louisville Monster Dash

By John Yohe

I'm baaaaack!

Actually, I never quite left the barefoot running scene, just haven't been that visible. Not running races because basically I'm poor. Also, being a fire lookout doesn't lend itself to running: this last summer I 'ran' but it was basically run downhill, then hike back up. Which is not nothing.

Also too, I suffered a non-running related injury that I've been working through this last year. I could go into the details about how once again doctors were useless and I had to heal myself, but you probably already know that. So, I've been nursing myself, doing short runs. I would like to get back to marathon mode, but it's been some years, and right now, a 5K sounds good.

I usually don't do many short races—paying $30 to run a distance I'd usually do on my own seems a waste. Except when it's fun, and I'm with a friend, and it's not really a race...
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Happy 9th Birthday, BRS!!!!

I was only 1 day late this time!
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Trails for Tails 50k,
Washington Crossing, NJ

By Macdiver

This is a race report that I posted in my online fitness journal. I ran this Saturday in my Xero Genesis sandals. It is a little wordy.

At 3 am, my dog woke me frightened of the rain. Normally he only gets scared of thunderstorms or heavy winds but this time it was raining hard enough he was scared. My first thought was I hope it doesn't rain the whole race. Second thought was it is going to be muddy.

I got to the park around 7:30 to pick up my race packet. After getting my packet, I went back to my car to get my backpack and take off the nice warm clothes. It wasn't too cold. Per my car it was 52 degrees when I got to the park. As I walked back to the registration area it began to drizzle. It continued drizzling while we received the pre-race instructions. The following is a description of the course which was essientially what the pre-race...