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24 horas en punto de Pinto
By Ares Descalzo

It was less than 1 year that I had managed to reach 102 km in a little less than 13h unofficially, since I did it one day that I planned, without circuit, time, refreshments or anything planned, just me and my backpack with a Little clothes, water and food.

It was a few days that I began to think about participating in a 24-hour test and it was chosen because it was in my city. Maybe it was not the best decision because I did it without knowing the type of terrain I was going to find, hehehe. But it does not matter because what I'm looking for is the greatest possible adaptation for my feet and in the end it was worth it.

I will not talk about the preparation I have been doing for this race but I will say for those who do not know that I have been barefoot for 3 years and more than 2 barefoot in my daily life almost all the time and that is very useful and...
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AnnaMcNuff: Barefoot Britain
Running 100 barefoot marathons to encourage young women to reach for the impossible

What’s the plan?
In June 2019, I’ll set off to run the distance of 100 marathons (2,620 miles) through Britain – completely barefoot.

Starting in the Shetland Islands and ending five months later in London, I’ll weave my way along rugged coastlines, through small villages, across moors, along beaches, over farmland and even pitter patter down the odd picturesque A-road too. I’ll be passing through some of the country’s biggest cities, and a fair ole wodge of suburbia as well – in the hope that runners (or wannabe runners) will throw on their trainers and join me for a mile or two.

To learn more, please visit: https://www.annamcnuff.com/barefootbritain/

Visit Anna's site to wish her...
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2019 IBRD Tee Shirts ARE NOW Available!

Tedlet has done a wonderful job of adding the new 2019 IBRD design to the BRS's Zazzle store. I can tell you I know from experience that this is a tedious task. Thank you Tedlet for all you do to help promote the BRS.

You can begin purchasing your 2019 IBRD gear. We have tee shirts, micro fabric ones too, phone cases, mugs, buttons, totes, etc. If you want a particular item that is not showing in the store, please let us know, and we will add it for you.

We have international store "locations," so you won't have to ship from the U.S. or across the world from your area, hopefully.

Keep in mind the time needed to create your item and ship it to you to help ensure your item arrives before IBRD!

Here's the...
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Salem Paddy Pint 10K
By StJohnTheGambler

Top o' the morning to ye! A fine sunny day to run a 10K, and at the reasonable hour of 10am! Instead of paying $100 for a St. Patrick's Day race in Portland tomorrow, I've opted for a cheaper one, $40 (and that was because I registered last minute) down in Salem today, where the money goes to a charity. I guess I'm less enthused about races in general, especially at the shorter end or 5K and 10K, distances I might conceivably run anyway, but being with a pack does motivate me to push myself, run faster, though would be more fun with a friend or two. Or at least a fellow barefooter. Alas, I have neither.

The route starts in Riverfront Park, and loops around Minto Park, areas I've run before on my own. The 5Kers have a different start and will go directly to Minto, while us 10Kers will first go over the footbridge to West Salem and...