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Barefoot FAQ
By Donald Buraglio


I don’t think there’s much shame in calling myself a fair-weather barefoot runner.

On the Monterey Peninsula, conditions are pretty hospitable for kicking off your shoes almost year-round, with the exception of a few months of freezing temperatures on cold winter mornings. Without a doubt, though, summer is absolutely ideal for being a barefooter - and accordingly, I’ve been logging more barefoot miles than usual over the past several weeks.

Since summer is also a peak time for folks to spend lazy hours hanging around tourist spots or congregating in neighborhood parks, this is also the time of year when a barefoot runner can potentially draw a lot of attention. Such has been the case for me, which led to this week’s Monterey Herald column, which follows below:

Running Life 8/26/10 “Barefoot FAQ”
Last August we wrote about the...
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Run It By Jason
How should I run hills if I'm barefoot?

Run it by Jason is a column where readers are encouraged to ask ultramarathon barefoot runner Jason Robillard for his advice when it comes to running barefoot and/or minimal. If you have a question you would like Jason to answer, please submit it to [video=youtube_share;H8hIdBuMiOw][/video]
The technique is essentially the same as flat ground. Use the same basic posture and form. Your body should be vertical as opposed to leaning forward or backward. The only different technique I employ is a slightly shortened stride length and slightly faster cadence. Take smaller, faster steps. This is done to help prevent overstriding or stepping ahead of your center of gravity.
I have also found relaxation to be an important element of successful hill climbing. Just like...
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Member Blog of the Week
SayPay Rants About Shoes
By SayPay45

I've been thinking about this stuff for a while. Some of it isa little dated topic-wise, so forgive me bringing this stuff up again. But if I don't write it down, I'll keep thinking about it during my runs...and that's just annoying.

Like the inevitable passing of the seasons, the "other forum"recently had their yearly dose of everyone's favorite game, "Name That Forum." For those who didn't partake in this years game, that's where someone asks where all the freaks went (i.e., the barefooters), longs for the days when the forum was dominated by barefoot runners asking barefoot runner questions and when "barefoot shoes" were called "feet," and asks that theforum be renamed to more appropriately reflect the composition of its members. I was going to suggest "Asshat Forum"and allow itto be dominated bythe people who suggested the change...butthe"other forum"doesn't allow such language.

That discussion...
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Member Blog of the Week
The Birth of the Hybrid Runner
By Barefoot Ramzev

Let me start by saying that I don’t blog. I do not believe myself to be a writer that people will actually “follow” to see what I write next. What will follow these few sentences is just a rambling of my thoughts and OPINIONS on what we call barefoot running.

At the risk of being too blunt, I will say that if you wear any sort of protection on your feet, whether it be leather or an iron slab, you are not a barefoot runner. This does not mean that you are less of a runner, and it does not mean that I am better than you or healthier than you, it’s simply that since you are protected you are not barefoot.

Barefoot shoes are a myth. If barefoot shoes were possible, the nudist population would be walking around Wal-Mart in “naked pants,” and I for one am not ready for that. Shoes that mimic barefoot walking or running are minimalist shoes, this includes Vibrams. When a magazine or website...