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Featured Meetup for October
Barefoot Runners Society - Minnesota Chapter
By SayPay45

In this photo (from left to right) are BRS - Minnesota members Lyle Lange (who poses the same in every group run picture),LeAnn and Dave Gunderson (the happy barefoot family), Christian Peterson (the freakishly tall one in the back), Skyalmian Alcyone (aka Justin, being darked out by the shadow of his freakishly tall barefoot leader), Katie Button-Swenson (with awesomely supportive Zensah calf sleeves), Mary McPartlin (equip with awesome huaraches), and Dave Pollitt (our new graphic designer, whether he knows it or not).

We had fantastic people, fantastic weather, and fantastic scenery for the October Group Run last Saturday at the Cannon Valley Trail in Cannon Falls. A larger than expectedgroup of eight people gathered for a spirited eight mile run.

As an added bonus, we were joined on this adventure by St. Cloud State Unversity journalism student,and BRS-MN facebook...
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Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half MarathonBy Elvisbloom
It was a sunny and breezy Sunday morning. My wife and I had trained in the brutal New Jersey heat and humidity all summer long for this moment. We were being led into the corral for the big race. Of course, I was the one getting all of the questions being that I was wearing my Vibram Sprints. This was my second pair, since I started running.A sharp rock on a longer run put a pretty nice-sized gouge in my inaugural pair, but lucky enough, it was far enough out from the race I had a chance to break in a new pair. I love running in my Vibrams. A lot of people ask me what it is like or if they should do it, and I simply reply, "It's what works for me."

So here I am ready to run 13.1. Further than I have ever gone and hopefully at a pretty good pace. I had upped my miles significantly over the summer, so I felt confident. But most of that was done with some walking intervals thrown in, and we both planned on running...
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1st Annual New York City Barefoot Run:
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at History in the Making
By Jason Robillard

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in the 1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run. John Durant, the organizer, asked me to participate as a clinic leader. I was excited to attend the event, but it fell directly in the middle of a series of planned road trips.



Jason Robillard teaches a clinic on barefoot running


Barefoot Ted McDonald speaking on barefoot running...
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By Nyal Davidsson
One rainy, drab day in an ivy laced building in the mid 1950s, French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss was chipping the final fragments of marble from the critical text that would become his magnum opus, Structural Anthropology. Within the soon to be controversial pages, he attempted to outline a particular riddle of human culture: binary opposition. Wow, that’s quite an esoteric term, don’t you think? And what does it have to do with running sans shoes? Stay with me here.
Binary opposition is the apparent tendency of humans to formulate things in terms of an on-off switch, while resolving the two contradictory ideas somehow. Levi-Strauss was addressing the tendency of our minds to view things in opposing terms and then resolving them.
In our context, we would speak of the unmitigated triumph of splashing through mud on a record long run while later discovering a bruised bone or sore sole. The tendency of the human mind is to view the...