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Pitfalls of Transitioning from Shod to Barefoot:
A Newbie’s Perspective
By Barefoot Terry

When a runner becomes aware of the concept of barefoot running and decides to make the switch, they should be aware that the decision is likely the easiest part.In reviewing various barefoot running forums, one will find listings of problems encountered by newbie barefoot runners.How is this possible?Isn’t barefoot running “better” than running shod?Why am I getting injured?These are a few of the questions one might ask.

Choosing to run barefoot involves a new look at how you run.A runner needs to evaluate the strength of their feet, their form, and their cadence.Unfortunately, many people, myself included, cannot simply switch to barefooting without truly taking the time to transition.

Minimalist or Barefoot?
One question many runners have making the switch is whether to go with a minimalist shoe or true barefoot. Many runners on barefoot running forums state...
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Member Blog Post of the Week -

Glass? What Glass?
By BFWendyBird
“There's nothing neither good nor bad,
but thinking makes it so.”
~William Shakespeare

One of the first things a barefoot runner is asked by any shod runner they encounter is, “What about glass!?!”I admit, I was a bit worried about this myself when I decided to try barefoot running.In my first weeks of walking, I managed to pick up a tiny crumb of glass up near my toes.No big deal, my dad picked it out for me (yep, 40 years old with my foot in dad’s hands to have my boo-boo fixed, LOL).He gave me a raised eyebrow, “Are you sure this is a good idea?” look, but didn’t say much else.The next month, when I had kicked it up a notch and was running, I picked up another crumb of glass.Keep in mind, on both occasions it wasn’t a big enough piece to stop the run, and I definitely wasn’t bleeding.I was beginning to think this would be a monthly occurrence...