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My First Barefoot Marathon
By John Yohe
It’s COLD this October morning in downtown Detroit, below freezing.The sun isn’t up yet.A lot of fit folks here.With sixty percent of all Americans obese, seeing people gathered together to challenge themselves physically instead of staying home and eating Doritos is refreshing.And oh my goodness, the women:Never have I seen so many fit ladies in tight spandex in once place.And then they do things like bend over to stretch and it’s madness.Any future mate of mine must be culled from these Amazons.

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Good-Bye Noland Trail
By BFWendyBird

"There comes a pause, for human strength will not endure to dance without cessation; and everyone must reach the point at length of absolute prostration." ~Lewis Carroll

Saturday morning was gray, dripping, and a steamy 80 degrees. I needed to get in a long run, but the thought of 10 miles on wet pavement with bare feet or in soggy VFFs was not inspiring. Running in mud, however, sounded like a great idea, so I headed out to my favorite trail. If you ever find yourself in Newport News, Virginia,and want to see a little nature, this is the place for it.


I arrived at the trail around 7:30 a.m. thinking it would be deserted compliments of the rain, but everyone had the same idea. The...
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Photo by: Kaniksu ~ Smiley faces by: BRS

Running Bare(footed)
By Hank (Gigowiz) Greer

I filled out the registration form and reached the part where it said, “Indicate if you will be running nude. You may change your mind later if you wish.”Oh, I'll be nude, I thought, And then some. I had recently taken up barefoot running, and I thought this would be the consummate race for running with bare feet.I circled “yes”, completed the rest of the form and mailed it in with a check for the registration fee. Then I asked myself, Do I have the cohones to run in the nude? I still had a month and a half to decide—well into the future. For the time being, though, I felt pretty confident about wearing my birthday suit in the 25th...
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Rod (Pudknocker) Pannek
A Poet

James Roderick Pannek, goes by Pudknocker on the forums, but is better known by his stage name, J. Rod Pannek. His friends call him Rod, but only his late-mother called him James and only when she was, as Rod says, “pissed at him.” He is 49 years old and was born in San Diego, California, but has resided in Dallas, Texas his whole life. Rod is married to Courtney and they havean 18 month old baby. Rod has two adult children as well, 27 and 26 “Yeah, do the math!” Rod says. He adds, “My main motivation in reigniting my running is that I need to be here for a while, and I better have some energy since my wife is 28, and [my youngest] will be 16 when I am 65....pray for me.”

Rod is an actor, primarily a stage actor with a few TV and commercial credits. “I often get cast as the heavy or the military type.” He mostly considers himself a writer though and has published over 100 pieces from short...