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102 Mile Barefoot Ultra - No Simple Feat
A BRS interview

Todd Ragsdale, 41, of Oregon set a Guiness World Record for the Longest Barefoot Run by running 102.65 miles completely barefoot in a 24-hour period this past Sunday. He broke the previous record barefoot run by 12 miles. His record was set on a rubberized track at South Medford High School in Medford, Oregon, with 413 laps. Here's his incredible story...

How long have you been running? I flirted with jogging a bit in my twenties, but just after my 30th birthday in early April of 1999, I went out to the track at Southern Oregon University and did a run to see what kind of shape I was in. Four laps left me exhausted and sick. I felt pathetic and decided that by the end of the summer I would run 10 miles. That goal came quicker than I thought, and my goal was raised to...
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Why I Do Not Stretch Before Running
By NakedSoleNate

Before I go into my diatribe against pre-run stretching, it will be helpful to understand some major reasons and purposes of a stretching routine. Many fitness and health-care professionals recognize at least five reasons stretching is advisable as part of any wellness program. Anyone can find these reasons with a quick web-search. I will focus on two.

The first reason you want to incorporate stretching into your routine is that it actually helps to build strength, not just flexibility. Flexibility (range of motion) combined with greater muscular strength, aides in an increase in performance and a decrease of injury. The second reason is that stretching increases circulation, allowing the natural healing process of the body to become more efficient. Because, let’s face it, as barefoot runners—athletes who like to push the envelope of convention and the limits of our physical capacities—we need all the efficient...
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View the race courtesy of JamieoftheNorth on YouTube.

Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival Barefoot 5K
A Barefoot Runner's Paradise
By Preston Curtis

The inaugural Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival Barefoot 5K was a barefoot runners paradise. It was a really good barefoot showing with 34 barefoot runners in one race. There were two divisions: Barefoot and Shod. Participants in the Barefoot Division could not wear anything on their feet.Participants in the Shod Division were permitted to wear minimalistic footwear including Vibram Five Fingers, water/aqua shoes, and huraches. No running shoes, racing flats, track or xc spikes, or sports sandals were allowed. The"Barefoot Division" consisted of 34 runners, while the "Shod Division" included 26 minimalist runners. Quite impressive was the top 3 finishers of the "Barefoot Division" had fastertimes than the "Shod Division." The 5K course was managable by new barefoot runners who did quite well showing...
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Pitfalls of Transitioning from Shod to Barefoot:
A Newbie’s Perspective
By Barefoot Terry

When a runner becomes aware of the concept of barefoot running and decides to make the switch, they should be aware that the decision is likely the easiest part.In reviewing various barefoot running forums, one will find listings of problems encountered by newbie barefoot runners.How is this possible?Isn’t barefoot running “better” than running shod?Why am I getting injured?These are a few of the questions one might ask.

Choosing to run barefoot involves a new look at how you run.A runner needs to evaluate the strength of their feet, their form, and their cadence.Unfortunately, many people, myself included, cannot simply switch to barefooting without truly taking the time to transition.

Minimalist or Barefoot?
One question many runners have making the switch is whether to go with a minimalist shoe or true barefoot. Many runners on barefoot running forums state...