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2010 Leadville 100 Trail Race ReportBy Barefoot Ted McDonald
Feeling great after 100 miles in the Rockies.​
My fourth summer in a row visit to Leadville, Colorado and my third completion of the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Race...what an experience. Deep gratitude for good friends and a strong body.


This year's race was to be my second attempt at running the entire course barefoot and with my own Luna Sandals. Two years ago, I started with sandals, but had to change into VFFs KSOs at the top of Hope Pass in order to complete the race due to horrible weather conditions. This year I was able to run the entire race with my sandals (see and in bare feet...a pure joy fest....
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I agree, Jason. I wonder if they would publish it. Hey, you may even get an offer to write for them on occasion!
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Member Blog of the WeekMore thoughts on the "barefoot versus minimalist" shoes issue and the difficulty of abandoning an unfulfilled goalBy Last Place Jason
The last 17 days have been an interesting journey for me. First was the Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run. One of my goals was to run the entire race barefoot. I made it to mile 33 before an especially gravelly section sabotaged my efforts. Fearing the slowed pace would slow my pace beyond the cutoff times, I ran the rest in huaraches. While it sucked not reaching that goal, I ended the race on a high note which stoked a competitive fire.

This past weekend, I ran the Fallsburg Marathon near my home in Michigan. I ran it sans shoes. The course was changed from last year, which I also ran barefoot. A long section of gravel road greatly slowed my pace, which significantly affected my time. Furthermore, the beating from the rougher-than-expected gravel limited my ability to run the trail sections with...
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Member Blog of the Week
1st Trail Run
By Mike Rives

Well, yesterday it had been one week since I ran. I walked all week on my driveway @ home, which is mixed sizes of gravel. Hurts like h**l sometimes to walk on it, but Ken Bob says thats the best way to learn BF. But I haven't been able to run on it...did I mention it hurts!

So yesterday, I've got this pent up energy, calves are feeling better, been walking BF on gravel all week, so I says to myself, "Self, you should go to Turkey Mountain and run the trails. Maybe you won't blister running on the trails."

Let me explain about Turkey Mountain. It is designated an "urban wilderness area" and has a lot of trails that are used by hikers, walkers, trail runners, mountain bikers & horse riders. The have 3 trails with markers (red=1 mile, blue=2 mile, yellow = 5 mile) and other trails that cut across between these.

I have run on these trails 3 times prior to last night and, quite honestly, sometimes I'm not...