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The Birth of the Hybrid Runner
By Barefoot Ramzev

Let me start by saying that I don’t blog. I do not believe myself to be a writer that people will actually “follow” to see what I write next. What will follow these few sentences is just a rambling of my thoughts and OPINIONS on what we call barefoot running.

At the risk of being too blunt, I will say that if you wear any sort of protection on your feet, whether it be leather or an iron slab, you are not a barefoot runner. This does not mean that you are less of a runner, and it does not mean that I am better than you or healthier than you, it’s simply that since you are protected you are not barefoot.

Barefoot shoes are a myth. If barefoot shoes were possible, the nudist population would be walking around Wal-Mart in “naked pants,” and I for one am not ready for that. Shoes that mimic barefoot walking or running are minimalist shoes, this includes Vibrams. When a magazine or website...
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Member Profile of the WeekDavid "Barefoot Ram" Vezmar To be taken with a grain of saltDave Vezmar, also known as Barefoot Ram (Ramvez) on the forums, is 37 and married to Heather. They live in Milford, Delaware, with their three children (well, four if you count their estrange--or just strange--son M.M. Caw). They have two dogs (a Newfoundland named Zack and a German Shepard named Sheila) and three cats (Peanut, Tabby, and Eclipse).David is an Inventory/Production Planner for a dental manufacturer and enjoys freemasonry, church league softball, and taste testing good craft beer. He adds, “I enjoy long walks on the beach, soft jazz, romantic movies by candle light, snuggling by a fire....wait, wrong questionnaire...”Having only been running for 3-1/2 years, he shows some pretty impressive times with a PR of 22:08 in the 5K, 48:31 in the 10K, and 1:57:07 in...
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AFC 5K Race ReportA First 5K, BarefootBy Cali GirlWell, I did it! I met my goal of finishing a 5k this year. Getting healthier was a promise I made to my mom, who passed away of a massive heart attack last year at the age of 59, so this was sort of big for me even though I didn't do it extremely well with a time of 37:20. But... I still feel completely accomplished!I haven't run at all in about a week and a half. My last post about the hills killing me was so very true. I think it is the downhill. I need to learn to do it with a lighter landing as I ended up with TOFP in both feet, 5th metatarsal that got pretty uncomfortable on the left foot. I was worried I was going to end up with a stress fracture and so stopped running and walked for the last 10 days or so instead.I made the 2 hour drive to San Diego yesterday evening to pick up my bib and stuff and slept on a friend's couch. Then got up bright and early to head to Balboa Park. I was a bit nervous as I had...
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Cinderella Trail Run 10KA Newbie’s First Trail RaceBy Barefoot TerryAugust14, 2010 - It was a cool, misty, wet morning in the hills above Oakland, California. Costal Trail Runs was putting on a 10K, half marathon, marathon,and 50K ultra. The drive to Joaquin Miller Park had been without traffic (a rarity for the San Francisco Bay Area), and I arrived earlier than expected. I walked down to the registration area in my VFFs, got my number, hit the restrooms, and then wandered back to my truck to get out of the chill morning air. The temperature was about 56 degrees. Not terribly cold, but enough to chill someone in running shorts.Being an Eagle Scout, I consider myself fairly well versed on hiking trails, but this Saturday, I dared to try something new - a trail run. Not only that, I decided to run it barefoot.So, there I sat in my truck trying to keep warm. After about 15 minutes, I decided I was bored enough and headed back toward the starting area to...