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Runner Raises Support for Animal Shelters with 3 Barefoot Marathons
By The Tennessee Tribune

BADALONA, Spain — A Spanish long-distance runner has completed three marathons barefoot to help raise support and awareness for local animal shelters.

Dr. Daniel Amo, who teaches at Ramon Llull University and lives in Badalona with his wife and two daughters, has had a passion for sports and running his entire life. He told Zenger News that he has been running barefoot for a year after starting to remove protective layers from his feet four years ago as a form of physical therapy to relieve pain.

Dr. Daniel Amo has had a passion for sports and running his entire life and has been running barefoot for a year now. To continue reading, please visit:...
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We like the momentum these new Winner's Choice Giveaways are getting, so Steven and I have decided to keep it going! Xero Shoes is giving away a pair of YOUR CHOICE minimalist footwear to one lucky winner this month!

Your Choice.jpg
Be sure to check out this great video of Steven explaining why the health of our feet is so important and how traditional shoes can destroy your foot health, then spread the word to all those you know:

Do your feet feel better at the end of the day than they did at the beginning?

If not, it's because your shoes aren't letting your feet do what's NATURAL.

Your feet are made to bend, flex, move and FEEL the world. One-quarter of the bones and joints in your ENTIRE body are in your feet and ankles; you have more nerve endings in your soles than...
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Dr. Mark Finishes 100-Miler!
From Dr. Mark Cucuzzella:

Happiness is finishing 100 mile race in the company friends. thank you to my wonderful trail tribe for sharing this experience with me and helping me to the finish.
video link here

Trail Runner Nation Podcast up on the Rim to River 100
What are you thankful and grateful for this season? I am grateful for friends and this awesome community....
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Will You Run to Help Raise Sexual Violence Awareness?
By Samantha Khoo,

An athlete from Australia, Claire McFarlane, rowed at the national level. She also competed in the Australian National Championship when she was 18-years-old.

Back then, she did not enjoy running. This all changed in 1999 when Claire was raped in Paris while living there as a foreign student. In 2009, 10 years after the ordeal, the French Police caught the assailant through DNA. Claire identified the man in a line up, and the horrific memories of that fateful night came flooding back. To continue reading, please visit: