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Man running barefoot marathon for charity after partner's heartbreaking cancer diagnosis
By DevonLive

A man has organised a half marathon this weekend before planning to run a full marathon barefoot for a charity which has helped his family following a cancer diagnosis.

Ceri Rees from Kingsbridge runs an outdoor adventure company in Devon and on Saturday, November 13, he is organising a half marathon around Exeter and in December he’ll be running a full marathon barefoot, all to raise money for FORCE Cancer Charity.

FORCE has supported Ceri and his family after partner Emily was diagnosed with cancer just after the birth of their second child last year. She had a double mastectomy in January 2021.

Ceri is hoping to raise awareness of the work FORCE does to support local people affected by cancer and raise money from Saturday’s...
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Happy 12th Birthday, BRS!

Keep Calm and...

(Just a day late...oops!)
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Leading by Example - A barefoot hike
By Hikerdana

On a hike in the not so distant past I showed for my son's boys group hike barefoot. This hike was to be two nights and they were hoping to do at least 25 miles, so the boys could earn a 25 mile hiking patch. As I was fairly well known as a hiker and barefooter I didn't get much comments on my barefeet, besides the usual polite and friendly banter. The first day I huffed and puffed up the incline to the pass and then back down. It was a lot more difficult finding a suitable place for my foot, then when I hike with a solid hiking boot, but I managed to keep up. By the time we set up camp I was ready to set up my hammock and had a wonderful night's sleep.

The next morning I woke up and my feet were a little sore along with some major muscle groups. I'm so out of shape for hiking barefoot or shod. I was thinking of putting on my minimalist sneakers and...
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Traversée de la baie du Mt St Michel
By Sly

Salut tout le monde,

hier Gwendal (de Rennes, du groupe facebook A la découverte de la foulée naturelle) a organisé la traversée de la baie en courant,
on était une trentaine, de tous âges, avec un guide local.

17 km sur des sables variés et faciles, ce qui rend l'expérience accessible aux novices (les mollets vont quand même chauffer un peu j'imagine).

Météo magique !

Google English Translation:

Hi everyone,

yesterday Gwendal (from Rennes, from the facebook group Discovering the natural stride) organized the crossing of the bay by running,
there were about 30 of us, of all ages, with a local guide.

17 km on varied and easy sands, which makes the experience accessible to novices (the calves will still heat up a bit I imagine).

Magic weather!...