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Meet the couple who ran 6500 miles across South America – "Minimal"

Our thermometer read 32F (0C). A blizzard tore at our faces. We could barely see the opposite bank of the metallic slick of water that rushed menacingly past us. Our only option was to swim.

It was July 28 2012 and the sound of the Olympic gun was resonating through the streets of London. However, my husband David and I were standing at Cape Froward, the southernmost tip of South America, after having forded four glacier-fed rivers, before starting our expedition: running the whole length of the continent.

We would travel 6,504 miles (10,467km) through five countries in 15 months. Starting in Chile, we would run the entire “Carretera Austral”– a 1,000-mile (1,609km) road – through temperate rainforest and under snow-capped mountains. To continue reading, please visit:...
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That "other" place
By me

So I went to that "other" place to wish them a happy birthday today, but apparently, it's more like a good-bye day for me. Apparently, they shut down all of their forums and created Facebook pages to replace some of them...not the barefoot running forum though.
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Get your 2018 IBRD Tee Shirt now before time runs out!

The store has finished replicating all changes to the new 2018 IBRD artwork! Be sure to get your tee shirt and other gear soon, so you will have it in time for IBRD, Sunday, May 6.

We have all types of cuts and fabrics available, including sleeveless and micro-tech. And we have distribution centers all around the world, so you can ship from a place more local to you.

They always have a code, so you can save, save, save! Right now, get 20% off using code ZGREATSAVING.

Remember, every amount earned through the BRS's store goes to fund and operate your club!
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My 2nd Barefoot Half Marathon
By Elad

I did it the second time.

In the Jerusalem Marathon race.

Jerusalem Marathon is well known for its uphills and downhill. Nobody is going to this race to try to do a new personal record. It is impossible. Everybody is coming to this race just for pure fun.

It is called "A race for the soul."

Therefore, I decided to do this race barefoot.

We reached the the staging area before sunrise. The temperature was cold. I was afraid that I did a serious mistake to leave my shoes at home. (I live close to Tel-Aviv were the weather is already warm. I was surprised by the morning chill in Jerusalem.)

But after one KM of running I got warm up enough to enjoy the rest of the race.

I was running together with my friend and he set a slow pace so I had a chance to really enjoy the race and the course and the environment.

Some streets were tough and itchy. Some were smooth...