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1st Annual New York City Barefoot Run:
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at History in the Making
By Jason Robillard

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in the 1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run. John Durant, the organizer, asked me to participate as a clinic leader. I was excited to attend the event, but it fell directly in the middle of a series of planned road trips.



Jason Robillard teaches a clinic on barefoot running


Barefoot Ted McDonald speaking on barefoot running...
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By Nyal Davidsson
One rainy, drab day in an ivy laced building in the mid 1950s, French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss was chipping the final fragments of marble from the critical text that would become his magnum opus, Structural Anthropology. Within the soon to be controversial pages, he attempted to outline a particular riddle of human culture: binary opposition. Wow, that’s quite an esoteric term, don’t you think? And what does it have to do with running sans shoes? Stay with me here.
Binary opposition is the apparent tendency of humans to formulate things in terms of an on-off switch, while resolving the two contradictory ideas somehow. Levi-Strauss was addressing the tendency of our minds to view things in opposing terms and then resolving them.
In our context, we would speak of the unmitigated triumph of splashing through mud on a record long run while later discovering a bruised bone or sore sole. The tendency of the human mind is to view the...
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Barefoot Mile #91
1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run
By Barefoot Fresca
There will be a lot of people writing about this cool event, so I will tell you about my own experience of it.
Overall, this turned out to be a very peaceful and relaxing event. It was so enjoyable, that I don’t think I have a really exciting whooped-up story to tell. My pictures are kind of run-of-the-mill, but I shall share them anyway so you get a little peek at what this event was like for Barefoot Fresca, the least of the barefoot runners.
This event was organized mainly by John Durant of the NYC Barefoot Runners Meetup group.Earlier in the summer he had organized another barefoot running event, the Born to Run Harlem to Brooklyn Run with Chris McDougall, which I also attended and wrote about here: http://www.barefootfresca.blogspot.com/
This barefoot run took place on Governor’s Island, a little island off the southern tip...
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1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run
By Nathan "Macmhagan" Matthews
I had a great experience at the 1st annual New York City Barefoot Run. This was actually my first official run since running cross country races in high school. That's more than twenty years. The weather was perfect for a run: clear skies and cool, but not as cool as was predicted. I drove to New York from Virginia and made it in time for the second ferry to Governor's Island (I actually found free street parking close to the ferry!). The dock workers and the NYC Barefoot Run volunteers were all very organized. Volunteer Jim caught me before I got on the ferry without my official t-shirt. On the ferry ride there were tons of VFFs and a few other minimalist shoes on display. It was a cold morning so there were not too many people barefoot yet except for one boy who looked to be about six or seven years old.
There was a 15 minute walk from the ferry landing to the event area/starting line. I...