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A Devine Runner
“Chick Pastor” (Chickpastor) is 35 and lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, with her husband “Dude Pastor” and their two children, one mutt dog, and four backyard chickens. She enjoys reading, kid stuff, mini-farming in the suburbs, and cooking organic food. As you guessed it, she is a pastor. Chick earned a BS from UT Knoxville and a M.Div (Masters of Divinity) from Trinity Lutheran Seminary.
The movie Get Low that just came out staring Robert Duvall and Bill Murray is based on her family, and her husband was one of the co-writers. [It seems like a very interesting movie, and I know I will be seeing it soon.]
She has been running on and off for the past 13 years. Her favorite distance is the half marathon, and her favorite race is the AJC Peachtree Road Race 10K, which takes place every year in Atlanta on July 4 and draws around 55,000 runners. She says it’s her favorite because it’s “SO MUCH FUN!Party in 6.2...
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I was almost "that guy"... a cautionary tale
By Swedish Pimple

So.... yesterday after work, I decided to go for a BFR in my neighborhood. Sure the sky was dark grey, and it was raining some... and before heading out, I heard something aboutsevere thunderstorm warnings on the radio and what not, but how bad could it be really? I'll just do a quick loop... I'll be back before the worst of it... besidesrunning BF in the rain is fun is right?

So I threw on my gear, kicked off my work shoes, and headed out the door.

In the first 1/2 mile my internal dialog sounded something like this, "This is great... I'm running in the rain... yippee." And it was fun too... so much fun that I hardly noticed as I trotted along that the rain was picking up and with it the wind.... "was that lightning?"

I'm 3/4 of a mile in now... I'm at the halfway point of my neighborhood loop... the furthest I get from my house on that route. So it almost goes without...
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Barefoot FAQ
By Donald Buraglio


I don’t think there’s much shame in calling myself a fair-weather barefoot runner.

On the Monterey Peninsula, conditions are pretty hospitable for kicking off your shoes almost year-round, with the exception of a few months of freezing temperatures on cold winter mornings. Without a doubt, though, summer is absolutely ideal for being a barefooter - and accordingly, I’ve been logging more barefoot miles than usual over the past several weeks.

Since summer is also a peak time for folks to spend lazy hours hanging around tourist spots or congregating in neighborhood parks, this is also the time of year when a barefoot runner can potentially draw a lot of attention. Such has been the case for me, which led to this week’s Monterey Herald column, which follows below:

Running Life 8/26/10 “Barefoot FAQ”
Last August we wrote about the...
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Run It By Jason
How should I run hills if I'm barefoot?

Run it by Jason is a column where readers are encouraged to ask ultramarathon barefoot runner Jason Robillard for his advice when it comes to running barefoot and/or minimal. If you have a question you would like Jason to answer, please submit it to [video=youtube_share;H8hIdBuMiOw][/video]
The technique is essentially the same as flat ground. Use the same basic posture and form. Your body should be vertical as opposed to leaning forward or backward. The only different technique I employ is a slightly shortened stride length and slightly faster cadence. Take smaller, faster steps. This is done to help prevent overstriding or stepping ahead of your center of gravity.
I have also found relaxation to be an important element of successful hill climbing. Just like...