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Barefoot Des Moines Marathon
By Barefoot Angie Bee

The 2010 Des Moines Marathon was my first barefoot marathon, the first of many barefoot marathons to come.
I have hit many speed bumps along the way this year and have had to change my perspective and expectations I have placed on myself.I had anemia over the summer and started working for nuun active hydration so I had to modify my diet and training in order to make it to the finish line.

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Wild Life Half-MarathonBy John "StJohnTheGambler" YoheI probably shouldn't be here. I'm going to be running the Detroit Marathon next week, but I'd probably be taking a two hour run today, Sunday, anyways, and this half marathon (and marathon too) is right in my back yard, on very familiar territory: The Wild Life Marathon, Half-Marathon, Walking Half-Marathon, and 5K start out in Concord, a small town/village just west of Jackson, where I now live (again). The majority of my race will be on the Falling Waters Trail, a ten mile paved trail between Jackson and Concord and an old railroad lane going through some of the most quiet and scenic land in Jackson County. In fact, the Jackson end starts almost outside my apartment door, and I've made the long run all the way to Concord a few times this summer. I feel obligated to come out and support the race, which is new, in its second year now, and it’s a pleasant surprise in an area not known for its interest in...
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Run the Rocks 5KBy Barefoot Mary
The day started clear and cold...much colder than it has been in Colorado, since I moved here 4 weeks ago. It is a true sign that the fall is setting in.

I crawled out of bed shivering at 7 a.m. with 10 hours of weekend sleep under my belt and a stomach rumbling for food. I took down a couple glasses of water as my (dear, sweet, roadie-like) husband fixed me a light protein shake with frozen blueberries in the blender. I had allowed myself a “real meal,” since there would be no running until 9:30 a.m., a blessedly late race time if I ever heard one. I downed a cup of black tea – my morning feeding ritual complete – popped in my contacts and pulled on a Michigan State t-shirt. I had to represent the team that had beaten University of Michigan the day before. (GO GREEN!!!) A little Great Lakes Spirit in the middle of the desert.

I devised an ankle strap for my chip timer with a long Goody hairband and...
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Happy Birthday, BRS!
You Are One Year Old Today!!!!
By Nyal Davidsson
Quite often when a runner makes the odd choice of removing their traditional running shoes, they begin a process that changes them and how they view running forever. It has often been stated, and rightly so, that barefoot running is an entirely different sport, but what is most remarkable is that few runners taking those first few ginger steps know that there is an adventure in their futures.
The BRS reflects this process in a unique fashion. I wonder whether the principles behind the venture had any inkling of what they were about to create. Did they envision the people they were about to meet, the relationships they were about to sow, the trove of handy and insightful information they would synthesize?
A few short years ago, there were many people who ran barefoot without these advantages, like founding member Tamara Gerken, a.k.a., Barefoot TJ, who recently chatted with me about...