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Breathing Efficiency
Running With Your Breath
By NakedSoleNate

The breath is an amazing feature of the human body—mystical, in fact.It is no wonder many world religions make distinct references to the breath; without it, there is no life.All creatures, including single-cell organisms have an apparatus for respiration.In fact, the Earth herself inhales and exhales once a year.I find it odd, then, that many in our society pay little attention to how they breathe, despite the many colloquialisms in our culture. “I held my breath until it was over,” “He took my breath away,” and gasping in the face of awe, fear, surprise, and joy are common human sayings and experiences.Yet, most have no idea how the mechanics of respiration happen, let alone learn to streamline the process for efficiency.

As children, before the age of six or so, most of us breathe naturally using the muscles of respiration.As we age and learn from example, we often lose this knowledge in...
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Run It By Jason
Running barefoot for hours over any terrain

Run it by Jason is a column where readers are encouraged to ask ultramarathon barefoot runner Jason Robillard for his advice when it comes to running barefoot and/or minimal. If you have a question you would like Jason to answer, please submit it to 2009-2010 winter stats). All of the barefoot/minimalist ultrarunners I know wear minimalist shoes when conditions warrant.
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Member Profile of the Week
Daniel "Danjo" Jensen
An aspiring barefoot runner
BRS member Daniel Jensen, also known as Danjo on the forums, at 16 years old is one of our youngest members. He has lived in Farmington, New Mexico, for the past 12 years, where he works as a lifeguard, but originally comes from Portland, Oregon. After he graduates from high school, he plans to attend New Mexico Tech where he will study mechanical engineering. He plays guitar and sometimes sings in a metal/acoustic band, which he writes the music for. He attends all advancedplacement core classes at school and is in drama and the choir as well.
Danjo admits most of his miles come from hiking, not running, and shares one of his adventures here. “The first time I climbed Mt. Elbert I was with two of my friends, and when we came to a cross-roads on the trail, we met a firefighter, a Boy Scout, and a mountain climber with a map. [I was expecting a joke here too.] They seemed like people we...
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Ask the Doc
Michael Nirenberg, DPM
What's the deal with podiatrists?

The short version: So what's the deal with podiatrists?
The long version: When I was recently reviewing press about barefoot running, I saw some trends in the kinds of "expert sources" used and the kind of things they said. A typical story would have two sources, one pro- and one anti-barefoot running. A better story would have three or four expert sources to give more perspective, perhaps mixing in somebody like a coach or an orthopedic surgeon.
But the "anti" source was almost always a podiatrist, and, more interestingly, it was unfailingly podiatrists who said the most ignorant things about barefoot running. It was as if they had never tried it or observed it. For example, one said that running in a racing flat was just like running barefoot, which anyone who's ever run an inch barefoot could tell you is not true.
Curious, I spent a while perusing a long podiatry forum thread about...