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Michael Nirenberg, DPM
What's the deal with podiatrists?

The short version: So what's the deal with podiatrists?
The long version: When I was recently reviewing press about barefoot running, I saw some trends in the kinds of "expert sources" used and the kind of things they said. A typical story would have two sources, one pro- and one anti-barefoot running. A better story would have three or four expert sources to give more perspective, perhaps mixing in somebody like a coach or an orthopedic surgeon.
But the "anti" source was almost always a podiatrist, and, more interestingly, it was unfailingly podiatrists who said the most ignorant things about barefoot running. It was as if they had never tried it or observed it. For example, one said that running in a racing flat was just like running barefoot, which anyone who's ever run an inch barefoot could tell you is not true.
Curious, I spent a while perusing a long podiatry forum thread about...
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Calgary 70.3 Half IronmanBy PBarker
This race was not in my plans for the year, but when I learned that I would be a bachelor the week of the race, I quickly signed up. My main race was Ironman Canada. Calgary 70.3 is one month before Ironman Canada, so pushing for time this close to my A race was out of the question. I treated the day as a training day, a dress rehearsal for my bucket list race.
Volunteered the day before the race after dropping my bike off in T1. Helped rake bikes and explain race day logistic to athletes. The race is a point-to-point that involves a bus shuttle to the start race morning.Race morning; up at 3 a.m. Weather was cold and raining. The bus ride to the start line was one of those times you start questioning your sanity. Why am I on this bus in the pitch dark and the driving rain at 4 a.m. with a bunch of strangers? As the bus came to a stop, I squinted out the misty window to see a mud hole filled with ghostly figures busily moving about....
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Michael Nirenberg, DPM
1st and 2nd toes on my right foot are often numb

Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone else gets this problem. The 1st and 2nd toes on my right foot are often numb, like they've been given novacaine, after a longer run. I can work it out somewhat with heavy massage and stretching, but it doesn't go completely away for a few hours. I would say the problem is generated in the ball of my foot and extends out to those two toes, but that's a little conjectural on my part. Also, temperature seems to play a role, the cooler it is, the worse the numbness. And warming the area seems to bring the feeling back.

Oh, last thing, mobility is also affected; I can't curl my toes all the way inward.

Doesn't seem to matter if I'm BF or in my Huaraches.

Got me kind of concerned. Ideas?


Hi Willie --

I would be happy to give you my ideas on what is going on: I have seen this with people who walk and run, whether barefoot or shod. In...
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The movie Get Low that just came out staring Robert Duvall and Bill Murray is based on her family, and her husband was one of the co-writers. [It seems like a very interesting movie, and I know I will be seeing it soon.]
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